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09-07-2004, 11:15 PM
I'm trying to figure out how to add a domain to my account. I'm on a 2.0 server. I go into my site manager and go to Domain Management. It says to add a domain, click the New button. Problem is that I don't have a New button. I already have on extra domain, but it's been so long since I added it, I can't remember how I did it. Seems to me it might have been before 2.0 and I had to ask WH to do it. Now with the 2.0 site manager, you'd think I could do it myself, and save them the trouble ... if only I had a New button ....

Anyone else have this problem? Do I need to get WH to fix my account? Or am I going about this all wrong? Has anyone seen my missing New button laying around somewhere?


09-08-2004, 12:25 AM
If your plan allows you to have extra domains and the New button is missing, please send a support request to the Westhost technicians regarding the Control Panel (Site Manager). Just tell them that the New button is missing and add your domain name and your Westhost webhosting plan/package as extra info. Click here to do that now (http://members.westhost.com/contactus.html).

A Westhost technician will review your request and fix it soon. I had the same problem and I solved it in that way.

Before doing that, please ensure your webhosting plan allows for extra domains. The Value plan, for example, allows for up to three domains. Other plans may allow for more or less domains. If your plan does not allow more domains, you can pay Westhost a one-time fee of $10 per domain.

Thanks for sharing your problem with us, hope you solve it soon.


09-08-2004, 12:34 AM
Right after posting this message, I sent a message to WH and now it's fixed. Thanks!

09-08-2004, 01:39 AM
I am glad your problem is fixed now! Please share with us any future problems you may face and I am sure someone will try to help you.