View Full Version : Bandwidth Concerns

09-06-2004, 09:27 PM
I recently signed up for a Reseller 1 account - but am starting to have second thoughts. On closer inspection of the specifications I notice that there's a 20GB/month bandwidth limitation. This seems very low - especially considering that WestHost's $6.95/month "Starter" package offers 10GB/month of bandwidth.

Most of the sites that I'll be hosting are fairly small and static with a moderate level of traffic. Though, I am starting to get into more Flash intros and headers and occassionally include some audio or video clips on sites.

Does anyone else share my concerns? Any feedback you have is welcome.



09-06-2004, 10:35 PM
Most have not had a problem with the bandwidth. The norm if your reselling is to oversell the bandwidth i.e. most of your accounts are not even going to come close to useing all their alloted bandwidth so it makes up for the ones that may use more. You can buy extra bandwidth and if you see that your accounts are using more bandwidth on a regularly then you can upgrage your reseller package or make adjustments from there.

The accounts I have set up on my Reseller 1 account have never even come close to using their alloted bandwidth. Haven't heard of any others haveing a problem either.