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07-26-2004, 10:14 PM
Tell me what you really think. If all I wanted was compliments I'd ask my mom :lol:


07-27-2004, 06:27 AM
Since your using white in black you might want to use a different font other then Times for you text. Something like Arial might be a bit easier to read. It would also help to add some padding around the detail text for each area either by adding it to the whole table or insert a table for the text within the <td> and give it some padding for the text. It feels a bit crowded the way it is. Maybe using a single colum table and then to get your icon to display to the left of it's information you could use the align=left tag.

If it was me I think for the front page I would move the google add to the left of your main table an use one of thier tower formats for this page. Right now it seems to overpower your content and draw focus.

How come you do not use your Automotive Banner exchange on your front page? This actually makes me think of the other elements on the page you could put an example of each i.e. use one of the phpBB mods to display the last topic for the forum maybe include one of the news feeds in that area and so on. This would keep your front page fresh and and always new. It may not be possible with each area not sure what they provide.

I'm sure you have heard that using a black background is a concidered a "no no" :) I think we have looked at your site before if I recall and it may have been mentioned. I'm not sure how much I hold that as true anymore since I have a couple clients that use it and it has worked well for them but the more you get into working with the phpBB board and changeing it's look you may find that you can offer your viewers the option to switch the "theam" of the page. Some of the same concepts of templates and css can be used on other types of pages beyound php and if you decide to tackle the job of incorporating the board into your look you'll have a pretty good idea of CSS and how it can work.

You have all the basics covered wich is good like meta keywords and discription and then solid content in the body of your text. You might be able to stregthen that by starting out with a paragrah that is an overview of your site at the top of your page right after you header images. One question about your keywords ... since you are targeting the DFW area how come you did not use Fortworth in your keywords? You have Dallas in them. Back to the opening paragragh you could use both city names wich would help with search engins. You always want to use your keywords in the text of your page and right now I don't see Dallas used.

Well that is what I thought. It really is not bad at all but since I'm not your mom thought I would mention the negatives I saw. :D

07-27-2004, 07:44 PM
I may try cellpadding=5 to get the padding effect, Thats a good point.

I haven't set up a .css file yet when I do I'll see what fonts look good with the black on white.

I have never bought into the white on black is a No No thing, it just seems easier to stare at for me. Maybe it's my 8088 286 and 386 dos background or maybe its the fact that I live in Texas where the sun beams in your eyes when your driving so when I get home I don't want a white background shining in my eyes. either way I get compliments on my use of it from average people visiting the site. One thing I may try is using a not so bright white. I think the contrast may be a bit much.

I totally missed the fact that Ft. Worth got culled from my long list of key words. I had 39 and deleted until Iíll got the most relevant 20. I may change that up.

The Google ad actually is one of many that rotate in that zone. So I try to stick with the standard 468X60 and just recently moved it from the bottom to the top. I may change the color scheme on the banner to match the page better.

The banner exchange is brand new and I may disable it until I find better software, This one is a little buggy. Thos banners also rotate into the mix with the Google banner.

Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it.