View Full Version : Upgrade a Resold account to a new package

06-18-2004, 12:10 PM
In the reseller manager How do you "upgrade" a single domain/account to a higher package level?

I only see a way to upgrade a package level, but I want to make my clientname.com account go from Service package 1 to service package 2.

Along those lines is there a way to individually upgrade space and bandwith quotas for accounts? Ie. clientname.com wants to go from 100 MB of storage to 200 MB of storage but doesn't need any other upgrade.

06-18-2004, 02:03 PM
To change the service package for an individual account you log in to your Reseller Manager and then click Accounts. You should see a list of your accounts now. Click on the account domain and then the edit button on the following screen at the bottom of the screen. You should be able to select a new Service Package from the drop down menu next to that heading now. Click on through and save it. Make sure to select the check box for Apply service package. It may take some time for the package to be applied to the account but you should be notified via email when it is.

To do an upgrade on their diskspace you would go to Service Packages and Click on Add New Service Package. When it comes to Type simply choose Add-On. You should then be able to apply that add on to their Service Package. Again it may take some to for it to activate on the account but you should be notified via email when it is.

To apply the add-on to an accounts service package you go to the Accounts page again and click on the SP Name you gave thier package when you set them up. If you click through the screens you should come to one that has the Available Addons that you can then move it from the Available Add-ons box to the Add-Ons box on the right.
That screen shows up after you go through all the screens for Site Applications.

You can only change Service Packages that you have created not the default ones that came with the Manager like Plan 1 and so on.