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05-21-2004, 02:24 PM
I like using my catchall (I know most of you suggest not using it, but I am very attached to using theirCompanyName@mydomain.com for any online contact or forum).

I have manged my catchall effectively until recently a spammer has started using madeUpName@mydomain.com as their return address so 90% of the mail to my catch all is bounces and spam bounces from mail sent with these fictious addresses as the return path. They mostly come from MAILER-DEAMON@ or a couple other easily identifiable addresses.

I am tempted to put an entry in my sendmail access file ...
.. but then I won't get legitimate bounces to my real email address.

Is there a way to modify it so that sendmail will reject From:MAILER-DEAMON@ only when its not sent to one of my known email addresses (identified in the virtusertable file).



05-24-2004, 11:14 AM
Here's a follow up on what I ended up doing.

I used a set of rules in my catchall user's .procmailrc file to filter out the bounces just to the catchall user. This catches all the bounces generated by other poeple sending spam with someuser@mydomain.com as the return path.

The only downside to this as opposed to what I wanted to do (use sendmail to refuse these emails) is that the server has to transfer and process these emails. Sendmail should be able to to reject these emails more effeciently since they are rejected based solely on the envelope information (jsut to: and from:). I just don't know how to configure sendmail to reject based on a combination of to: and from: addresses -- not one or the other idependantly.