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05-07-2004, 11:41 AM
Please check out my site (http://www.topathletes.net) and provide comments. I know some links don't go anywhere and some images have bad background colors. I'm somewhat of a rookie so be brutal and thanks very much!


05-07-2004, 02:17 PM
Looks pretty clean and crisp to me and it loads well. I think there is something set wrong on your navigation unless I am missing something. I used the link you provided and the clicked on Home and it took me to what I belive is your current front page. I then clicked on the Sample Athlete Page and was taken to (derekhodges.topathletes.net/) once I was there clicking on the Home link simply brought me back to that page. I did get to the search page and was then able to view Seth Corbirige info but then the same happened then. This may be what you where speaking of when you said the links where not working yet.

I saw no problems with any of your images. You may have been speaking of the Spotlight icon and Athelete Login icon and yes I could not really figure out what they where. The soccer ball and basketball? looked pretty good.... that is unless that was not a basketball. :)

I think you have done pretty good and once you get things cleaned up and linked in you'll be fine.

On a financial note I am not too sure about the $20.00 monthly fee and if you'll be able to get that. It seems a bit steep for just a page that list your information but I may have missed something.

EDIT: Saw something else. Why is the Player comment, Player Contact info, Coach comment and Coach contact info displayed in a text area when you look at the Sample Athlete Page? Where you aware of that?

05-07-2004, 04:12 PM
Thanks for the comments.

I need to get this new CSS-based format live and then fix link conflicts and different styles problems.

With the exception of the soccer ball the images are fuzzy. I will have to crispen them up.

I used a textarea for the comments and contact info because it might be multiple lines of text and wanted the scrollability.

Thank for the input on cost I may have to rethink it...

05-09-2004, 06:25 AM
Hello Rich,

I had some thoughts on your site. Since one of the reasons your icon images may be a bit fuzzy and hard to see is because they are so small what if you made them a bit bigger and then lightened them to give them the apperance of being a bit transparent then use them as a background for each of your menu areas. Not sure if it would work or not and you would maybe want to use CSS styles so you could keep them from repeating the way they normally do as a table background and only display once or only down the left side or along the top of each menu area.

I did revisit your site just now and noticed you had already changed the price. I think you could maybe even drop the monthly charge and only do a setup fee. Then to help offset the money lost on monthly fees add something like google adsense and or become an amzon associate. You may even be able to do better going that rout then by chargeing a monthly fee. Your subject matter should be able to generate really high traffic if you can get page your page rank up in the search engins wich would be a benifit not only to your users but to any program like the two mentioned above.

That also makes me think. How are you going to get potentential colledge coaches to check the site for players? It may be could to focus a page on that subject to draw in users. Are there places or you can advertise to get coaches to visit your site? Maybe a magazine or newsletter. I know advertiseing can be pricey but might be something to think about.

What if you broke the display of the player information down into more the one page. If you had the main page with say thier picture (I noticed you plan on adding that) and the basic info then add button/links to the player and coach comments and such. That way you would not have to have that information in a textarea box and may look cleaner and not confuse folks who visit.

Down the road if you could get some professional atheletes to perhaps somehow contribute content to the site that may be a draw for the site. Not sure how you would go about that or if it really even has a place within the concept of the site.

Any sites that are related that may have posting boards like this that you could become involved in may help get your site noticed. I would not suggest just visiting them and listing your site unless that is a feature they offer but if you start posting on them and they have a setup like here that allows sigs you could add a simple note about your site in it. Most boards that have the feature do not mind that.

Like I say just some thoughts I had on your site. I kind of kept thinking of more once I started this reply. So most are kind of just brainstorming ideas. Good luck!

05-12-2004, 09:16 AM
Thanks WildJoker!

I definitely will work on the graphics.

I've spoken with a few athletes and their parents who have been sold a one-time setup fee for a website and they've rejected it as being too expensive. We felt like $10/month is not prohibitively expensive for anyone. For someone who doesn't have the knowledge/skills/desire to build and host their own web page $10/month seemed reasonable.

As far as driving coaches to the website, that is the responsibility of the athletes. Their personal website is a tool for them to use to get the word out and pursue a scholarship. I'll provide postcards and letter templates that the athletes can download and use. Eventually maybe I'll even offer to mail postcards to 10 universities of the athlete's choosing.

I think the bulk of the people who visit the site will be coaches/recruiters who have been told to come visit a specific athlete's site or athletes who's coaches have told them about us. I don't anticipate that coaches will just come "browsing" for athletes.

Thanks for the input.