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04-26-2004, 01:36 PM
I was wondering if someone from WestHost knows what version of phpBB is now being installed via the SiteManager. In a another post a user was asking about updateing to current 2.08 and it would help for me to guide them if I knew for sure the version or if WH has done any modifications that might snag a regular update as outlined on the phpBB site.

I know at one time it was 2.05. If anyone has installed it lately do they know what version it installed as?

04-26-2004, 02:48 PM
Hey Shawn.

I'm pretty sure it is still 2.0.5: if you look at your status bar while you hover over the phpBB in "Available Site Applications" box, it shows the version number too ;)

I could be wrong: I haven't tried installing it.

04-26-2004, 06:07 PM
Didn't even think to check the app in the Site Manager. :) I haven't installed a phpBB board using the Site Manager in so long but done it manually that I didn't remember that.

I still wonder if that is accurate or if WestHost has done all the security patches to the install but simply not updated the version number. Even when you do manual updates the version is not updated if you do not run the upgrade script but do it manually unless you change the version in your config table. Perhaps one of the guys from WestHost well know for sure.

Actually if the version is close enough to 2.05 there should not be any problems with an upgrade to 2.08. I think most of the changes are security ones and some minor optimization.

04-26-2004, 08:10 PM
Well I spent the last few hours working this through on my test account. I had a moded out 2.08 version on my test account but since it was using a different directory and mysql database I went ahead and installed the default West Host phpBB2 board and then went through the steps to update to 2.08. So here are the steps I took. I hope I have them all detailed good enough. I tried to write it down as I did it.

Update 2.05 to 2.08

Make a backup of your original files and your database before doing this update.

First check out this page on the phpBB site to decide what type of upgrade you want to do.

I would suggest using the changed files method if you have not made any changes to the default West Host install of the phpBB2. That is what I'll detail from this point on.

Go to the phpBB download page http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php . For this detail I used the zip file of phpBB 2.0.8a [ Changed Files Only ] which is the second option. Save it to your local computer then unzip the file to a directory of your choice. If you unzip it to a directory called phpBB2 then the directory structure well look like the one on your West Host account. Then go to the directory you unzipped the files to. You well see four directories and nine zip files. Unzip the file called 2.05_to_2.08.zip into this directory. When this file unzips it well retain the directory set up of your current board on your West Host account.

Now if you unzipped everything the way I described above then in the phpBB2 directory you unzipped to you should see seven directories that look like this:

cache - not needed for simple update
contrib - not needed for simple update
docs - not needed for simple update

install - needed for update
admin - needed for update
includes - needed for update
templates - needed for update

Of course the nine zip files well also be in that directory and there well also be 10 php files.

groupcp.php - needed for upgrade
index.php - needed for upgrade
login.php - needed for upgrade
memberlist.php - needed for upgrade
modcp.php - needed for upgrade
posting.php - needed for upgrade
privmsg.php - needed for upgrade
search.php - needed for upgrade
viewforum.php - needed for upgrade
viewtopic.php - needed for upgrade

If you have changed any of these files or the ones that are in the admin, includes or templates directories then you may want to stop and take a look at the ones you have changed to see if you need to make changes to them before you upload them to your WestHost account. If not then you should be able to FTP into your account and upload these files and they well overwrite your existing ones. Remember it is always a good idea to make a backup of your original files and your database before doing this upgrade.

You are uploading the above php files in the the root directory of your board which with a default install is phpBB2. Then upload all the files in the admin, includes and templates directory. Your last upload to your West Host account should be the directory install and it's contents. Don't really need all of them but it is just easier to upload them all. You may get a notice that files on the server are newer then the ones you are uploading depending on your FTP client but go ahead and overwrite the ones on the server.

Now that everything is uploaded point your browser to (http://yourdomain.com/phpBB2/install/update_to_208.php). If you have done everything right then you'll get a confirm page on the update. It well also remind you that you now need to delete the install directory and it's contents. So FTP in to your site if you logged out and delete that directory. Now visit your board and you'll see that the version number has been changed to 2.08 at the bottom of the board.

That is all there is to it!

The other directories (cache, contrib, docs) are not needed for the update. The contrib directory has some added features that you can install but they are not neccasary. If you check out the readme files you can find out about them.


Well I hope that might make it a bit easier for anyone who is a bit of a newbie to get thier phpBB board updated to the current 2.08 version. Please feel free to ask about anything that is not clear of if anyone sees something I missed or detailed incorrectly let me know.