View Full Version : New Site, Packages, Reseller Programs, and more to come!

WestHost - BErickson
04-25-2004, 03:25 AM
The modified site design is obvious to anyone seeing our homepage as of today. Look closely however. What you'll find most eye-catching is the changes to our service offering:

All web hosting packages have received huge increases to space and bandwidth limits. As usual, current clients will automatically be upgraded to reflect the new increased limits.

We've improved the Reseller Packages giving more space, bandwidth and VPS's then we ever originally thought we could. You can now get a Virtual Private Server for as little as $1.59/month!!! Current Reseller 1 clients will automatically be upgraded since there is no price change. New Reseller 2, 3 & 4 clients will not be forced to upgrade because of price changes to their respective packages. They can either stay with their current packages and prices, or upgrade at any time in the future by completing the Reseller Add-Ons form (https://corp.westhost.com/reselleraddons/).

We've also reintroduced the Reseller Discount Program for those that want to keep reselling simple. Discounts up to 35% off current WestHost packages are available.

As a launch promotion we're doubling referral credits for client's that refer anyone to WestHost. Get 2 MONTHS FREE HOSTING for each referral.

Finally, to celebrate 6 years in business, we're offering 6 year domain registration for $9.95/yr ($59.70).

These upgrades are just the start of a number of changes at WestHost. In the next short while, expect to see an Affiliate Program, new Service Level Agreement, Priority Support, faster support response times, improved uptime, faster connections, and more.

For now, enjoy the upgrades!

WestHost Management