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03-24-2004, 02:41 PM

I currently have 4 accounts at WH and am thinking of jumping over to the reseller package. Some of my questions have been answered by other posts here, but I still have one or two more.

The biggest question I have is what exactly does it mean by 8/15/20/30 VPS's. I saw that is how many accounts you can have, but am not sure what that really means. I also see there are unlimited domains.

What I want is to be able to sell custom size hosting packages. If the customer only needs 50MB or needs 150MB, I do not want to sell them a standard 250MB package. I also want to be able to allow a customer to update their own site if they wish, without giving them the main all-powerful password. How exactly does the package work for this?

Can someone explain to me or point me to a page where the details of the reseller packages are put in plain english?


03-24-2004, 02:58 PM
I guess you would say that in plain english the amount of VPS's you have are the amount of accounts you can have. There are ways around this but it involves some fancy foot in an SSH session and working with the virtualusers files and such.

When you get a resellers account only one is IP based and the others are name based unless stated in the package which can limit you on some stuff.

You can set up one account like mydomain.com and add as many domains to it to accomplish what you are trying to do but again involves some knowledge about how the VPS works.

You can limit the size via packages you set up on your resellers account but those apply to your VPS accounts and not to the unlimited domain option you have on each VPS account. Whe you set up a VPS account you set a new password for it. Not sure exactly what you are trying to do but it sounds like you may need some other scripts and such and configuring of things that WestHost does not support. They do allow you to do many things but they can not support some of these and even as a rule well not recomend you do them.

If you are willing to dig in and learn stuff on your own or with the support of others here on the fourm many things are possible but not made available through the web interfaces that WestHost supplies.

I hope maybe that helps some. Please feel free to ask about anything I made confusing. There are a couple of user sites the have some of the information I mentioned above and they are linked at the top of my forum page if you want to check them. They are also for the most part in the sigs of them here on this site and they are the users that post the much so hard to miss.

WestHost - MPlatis
03-26-2004, 04:49 PM

You can have unlimited domains in any of the Reseller packages. You are limited to amount of VPSs (you can always add more).

VPS's can be assigned to some of your clients that need their own control panel, mail server and basically more freedom to install thier own applications (with your permission of course :) ) If you have client that just need a simple website up with some graphics and text, you can have them share a VPS with other clients. They still would have thier own domain name. Does that help?

Here are some more places where you can learn about Reselling.