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02-07-2004, 02:52 PM
Hi. I'd love to get comments, esp considering many of you seem to be old timers at having websites.

What's the consensus about needing a title with special keywords for pages like "FAQ" and "About us", regarding search engines and rankings? As long as the main content page has a more descriptive title, isn't that enough in this particular case?

Here it is:


02-07-2004, 05:27 PM
Interesting.... If you are wondering if anyone well responde to it I am not sure. It is a bit unclear of what Joy of Talking well do and why. I do think that you should have that you are in New York on your home page instead of the About page. You do explain things on FAQ page but people on the web are in a hurry and although your site is not large they may stop at the front page scan it and move on. I went to the FAQ page last. I kept thinking so what is this person getting out of this and how much does it cost. I don't think you are trying to run a get rich quick scheme but I think maybe most people well see it as that since there are alot of those dateing services you mentioned.

Remember all this was my first impression of things. I spent some time at your site and am actually still looking at it while I write this and reading things. I think you can expect your average vistor to spend about a min and if they do not see something to convince them they want to see more they move on.

Search engines look at the content of the site more and more. Keywords should always match words in the content of the site and start with the most important ones first. Many well give wieght to the opening paragrah and last one of the page. I think it is kind of based on the concept of a class paper. You open at first with what you are going to talk about in the first paragrah. You then talk about it. The closeing paragrah summerizes what you have talked about.

Navigation is clean and easy to follow which is good. I would suggest using some type of form for contact instead of using a mail to link. Before you know it every spam bot in the world is going to have your addy and be sending you mail. I think you could use a few graphics to spice some things up. Not too many you do not want to slow the page down. You are trying to attract people who are professionals and college-educated (that taken from your home page) so ask yourself... "Well the look of the page draw a banker, teacher or other proffessional in?"

Really good start and I think you can take it to where you want to. Remember this is just my thoughts on it.

Good Luck

02-12-2004, 09:15 AM
I had the same impression as Wildjockerdesign. I think you could extract some of the FAQs into the home page. That is the what/why of the site. Definately include something about the cities (NYC) that are currently available. I'd recommend the tech writing style of 3-5 bullet points that states what the site is for. (poeple like quick lists vs paragraph form for quick overviews).

I'd also inlcude something to lead people into starting a conversation, maybe have a list of common topics that people talk about, or a most talked about topic list, or just grab news/sports/community headlines to entice people to meet up.

I'd also ad a disclaimer that you are just a facilitator and provide no position on political or other member views and you provide no security or screening of when people meet up to talk.

Good luck,

06-13-2004, 09:26 AM
Dear Wildjokerdesign and James,

I want to thank you both, esp. Wildjokerdesign, for your extensive comments. I made major changes to the site after posting it here, and also created two additional sites, and there were some other things going on too, so I apologize for not responding earlier.

I still need to make some changes. Some good suggestions, like including a contact form instead of an email address, and I did try to make it simpler and cleaner, based on your comments, as well as including a bulleted list on the "How it works" page. The site isn't really for "the average user", so I'm not expecting a rush of interest, but I do hope that the shorter home page will help people get the gist of what it's about right away.

Thanks again,

06-13-2004, 10:20 AM
Looking good Rajul. The flow from the entry page on to what the site is about is very good.

One thing that I did notice is that you have not seperated your keywords in your meta tag. There should be a comma , inbetween each word or phrase that you want to use.

The content and focus of the group is much clearer now. It was refreshing to read. I am not the best at grammer or even spelling but I moderate and visit many forums on the web and get very tired of reading post that have no puncuation (spelling?) or where the user cant find the Cap key or uses computer short speak. I guess I am a bit old fashion.

Keep up the good work.

06-13-2004, 10:48 AM
Thanks, Wildjokerdesign. I'm glad you found it to be better.

I know spelling can be difficult for many people, but I must confess, careless use of apostrophes and careless spelling mistakes are my pet peeve!

As for meta keywords, I read on About.com, or somewhere, that one can either include commas in between meta words, or not. They said that not including commas but simply just a space means that one can enter fewer keywords and that it enables search engines to group words together however necessary when searches are done. Eg.: The meta keywords "cats siamese health" allows for the separate searches "cats" or "siamese cats" or "siamese cats" AND "health", etc. On the other hand, if commas are included in the meta keywords, then (as I understand it) one would have to write "cats, siamese, siamese cats, health, cats health, siamese cats health"

Of course, different search engines may have different ways of doing it.

06-13-2004, 12:29 PM
That is interesting about meta keywords. I did not know that. You learn something everyday. I have heard that the search engins are looking at them less then they used to or at least takeing more into consideration then just the keywords. I wonder if you could combine the use of both i.e. be able to denote a group of words that you did want treated as a phrase by putting a comma at the begining and end but not around the others?

Happy to look at the site any time you would like me to.