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01-29-2004, 10:30 PM
I'm having a huge amount of trouble getting started.

I've created a few different sized packages, mistakenly it seems I chose IP based because when I went to create accounts I could only create one.. after that a box came up saying I've reached by quota.

Then I deleted the packages and created a new name based one. I created an account under it and when I tested it, I couldnt get the ftp to connect to it to upload some pages.

I went to preferences /general /quotas and see that I have 1 IP based and 20 name based accounts available. There was no mention of only being able to create 20 accounts when I signed up.. I was under the impression that you could create limitless accounts as long as you had the space and bandwidth available. Can anyone out there make any sense of any of this?!?

01-30-2004, 06:44 AM
If you look at the packages page (http://www.westhost.com/resellers.html) it states the number of VPS's for each package (8,15,20,30). This is the same as the number of accounts that you can have. Quite why you have 21 accounts I'm not sure, but I guess you signed up for "Reseller 3" and got an extra one thrown in...

AFAIK, with a name based account you can't ftp to it just using the IP number (its name based, right?) and you can't reach the site by name until the DNS system catches up with you, which can take a couple of days. So, what you need to do meanwhile is connect to the site using one of the two temporary servers, e.g. at whsites.net


01-30-2004, 06:54 AM
You can FTP into a new account by using thedomain.com.yourtempsite.com replace thedomain with the new domain name. That one had me confused at the start. You still use the same username and password setup. Once all the various systems have time to update themselves (and if you have pointed the domain to the WH servers)you well be able to connect to it in the normal way. Seems to take around 24 hrs depending on where you are connecting from.

When you purchase a package you get a certian amount of VPS's depending on the level you choose. I think that is what you see with the 20 number. Each of thoses can have more then one domain on them but it takes some tweaking by you. Some of the users have been working on doing this and I think there is a thread on it in the reseller section. Since each main account can have unlimited domains pointed to it they are playing with the setup of the main account. The only thing is that when you do this you have to create your own web interfaces for you customers to use. The SiteManger that WH provides well not work on each... or at least I don't think it well.

01-30-2004, 07:57 AM
Actually it does work with just the IP address, but you need to login as user@domain.com.

I'm glad I'm using these for my own websites and not reselling. I don't think it would be worth it only being able to sell 20 accounts.

02-28-2004, 09:07 AM

A reseller3 package will cost you $46.77/year for each of 20 accounts; that's $935.40 total. That works out to $3.90/month for each of 20 accounts (12 month/year x 20 accounts=240 bill-able months/year.)

If you resell them at $19.95/month each, you will get $4,788.00. Your cost was $935.00 so profit equals $3,853. Not bad in my book!

Even if you resell them at only $7.95/month, you stll profit almost $1,000. Not too bad either.

Plus, if you are savvy, you can put some clients together on the same VDS, and create even more billable months with no additional cost to yourself.

05-10-2004, 02:36 AM
O.K. I'm confused, and I am by the way, not a customer yet, but interested in reseller1 package. It looks like your prices must have changed this year and the number of VPSs per reseller type. But, nowhere except in the preceeding message and I've been all over your site tonight, did I see that you have to pay the $39/mo for each VPS you use. Is that right?

Also, I'm confused about the organization of the VPS. If I have several small (10 pages or less) websites with different domain names I can put them on one VPS?

If so, what is the dividing line between that and adding another VPS?

Am I hopeless confused? I really am impressed with the information on your site, and I was pretty happy with my current host. But I would like to sell a hosting/maintenance package if I can make money with it - just trying to determine how cost effective I might be. Also, my parents were from your neck of the woods - or north thereof, just over the ID border - so that is a bit of a draw too.


05-10-2004, 07:08 AM
Whatever the price is of the package you pay is for all the VPS that come with that account so to get a price per VPS you would divide it by the package total.

When people talk about putting more then one domain on one VPS it is something that is done through the Site Manager of the main doamain that is assigned to a single VPS. This is even possible with the regular packages (depending on the amount of domains allowed on it). There are are some things you have to manage manually and tweak yourself that are not controlled or supported via the Site Manager that WestHost suppllies and topics on those items are scattered about the fourm depending on what you are wanting to do. Most of them deal with email accounts.

It can be a bit confusing at times but we try to help each other out. Hope that helps explain some of it. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. If I can't answer them I am sure there is another WH client that can help.