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01-18-2004, 01:37 PM

I want to know if I can transfer an existing SSL cert (on a separate web host, but based on an Apache openSSL combo) to a new account I create on westhost ?? of course the domain name for the new account will be the one for which the cert has been issued...

The west host tech guy on chat said (neither very convincingly nor very surely) that the cert will need to be reissued... but somehow I have a feeling that this is NOT required...

any ideas anyone ??

01-18-2004, 02:11 PM
oh well I figured it out myself... its on the thawte website and a number of other places as well... just wasn't searching for the correct terms on google :oops:

Here is the link in case someone needs it someday:


And here is what I saw there (and note that in addition to this, the domain for which the cert was issued needs to be the same as the one to which you are moving your cert!!!):

How do I move my certificate/key pair from one server or ISP to another?

Moving to another server is not as easy as simply moving the certificate. Moving to another server actually depends on whether you can:

- Export your private key from your current ISP/server in a standard format;
- Import the private key into the new server.

If you are moving the certificate from one server to an installation of the same server type then your chances are quite good. But if you are moving the certificate and private key from one web server type to another, then the chances of moving the private key are minimal.

That said; there are some workarounds you can perform to try and accomplish the conversion of a private key from one server format to another. We do not guarantee these 'fixes', however, they may save you the trouble of requesting a new certificate.
If you cannot export the private key, or cannot import it into the new server, you will have to get a new certificate.