View Full Version : move PHPBB2 from WH1 to WH2?

01-09-2004, 05:53 AM
Has anyone moved PHPBB2 from WH1 to WH2? is it a big deal? I was waiting for WH2 to install PHPbb2, but it appears that the site won't be moved for another month or so......



01-09-2004, 06:56 AM
I can't remember do you have phpMyAdmin with WH1? If you do you can gzip the database with that and download it to your local computer then when you move to WH2 upload it after you have installed phpBB on the new set up. If you have it on your account when WestHost moves it they should move it for you. There is also a feature in the Admin section of phpBB to save your database to your local computer although I have heard that it does not always work. Also if you do it with phpMyAdmin you well need to split the tables up in batches or you may get a time out on the download to your computer. The one I moved I had to save about 5 tables in each gzip but it was not to bad. One thing to remember is if you install phpBB yourself and it is version 6 you well need to do it manually yourself on WH2.0 since the version WestHost is using is 2.05 unless they have changed that recently. The diffrence between the two are mainly security patches and some optimization so it may be that WestHost has made the changes to the install but not updated the version number.