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12-31-2003, 02:28 PM
I just submitted this to WH support, but probably should have put it here first. Still trying to get thing straight with my new reseller account....

Greetings. I have a question regarding a new reseller account that I just signed up for. Actually, I have two questions:

1) I did not provide a domain name when I signed up for the account. How do I associate a domain with my reseller account. The welcome email message notes the following: "You will need to wait up to 2-4 hours to view your newly created accounts. After that, if the domain name is not pointed to our nameservers, you can access the account by going to http://your-domain.com.yourtempsite.com". Without specifying a domain name for my reseller account, how would I use "http://your-
domain.com.yourtempsite.com" ?

2) My reseller account have plans that were created by "administrator" (i.e. Plan 1, Plan 2, etc.) My login does not provide administrator privileges, so I can't delete or modify the pre-existing plans.

Your help is appreciated.


12-31-2003, 08:15 PM
In regard to the your-domain.com.yourtempsit.com --- This one threw me for a bit at first also. What they mean by it is if when you add a new domain to your reseller account that "it" can be accessed that way. So if you created a new account in your reseller manager that was for domain
abc.com you could access it by going to abc.com.yourtempsite.com. Does that help?

The Plan 1 and so on can not be deleted or altered. They are set by WestHost. I think that is if you do not want to take the eime to create your own plans. I simply created my own plans so that I could use and modify them.

I was pertty confused at first and even now am not sure of every aspect but finnally just took the leap and tried it. I took the chicken way out and simply registered a new domain on my own to try it out with. Figured it could only cost me $15 bucks or so for the year of registration to have a test run. I registered the domain using the WestHost reseller domain registration page and then went and created the new account. It took about 24 hours or so before the new domain when through and could be accessed via it domain name.

Hopefully with some input from us WestHost can make things a bit more understandable. I find that there phraseing can be confusing and unclear at times but they are pretty good at taking suggestions from us. If you see something that you think really could help the next user you could always post in the Comments and Suggestion area.

Hope that helps let us know if you have any other questions.