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12-28-2003, 08:06 PM
Hi all,

I was working on getting a web tool configured on my web site www.codehooligans.com and ended up needing to look at my phpinfo().

In this I noticed that for some reason a PHP environment var _COOKIE['user'] is being defined with a value of 'FPM'. For the life of me I cannot determine where this is coming from.

I have removed all cookies on my local system. I checked my php.ini file.

Any ideas?


P.S. The interesting this is the value 'FPM' is my initial. Interesting

12-29-2003, 01:20 AM
Is it possible its an old cookie from some other time and place?

When you say you removed all cookies, does that mean you cleared all the cookies from the browers, or removed all cookie code from the site?

12-29-2003, 09:22 AM
On my laptop (Win2000) removed all cookies from the 'C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Cookies\' folder. I first just removed any that had the '<User>@codehooligans.com'. Then restarted all browsers. This didn't seem to work. So I moved all files from the 'Cookies' folder.

Not really sure how to remove cookies from the site.

The URL (which has not authentication or cookie code) is

I just tried this morning from work and the entry is no longer there. This makes me thing it could be from my 3 home systems.

12-29-2003, 09:44 AM
Geez. Chalk this one up to stupid human behind the keyborad. I cleared the wrong user's cookies.