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12-22-2003, 02:56 AM
Greetings Fellow West Host Clients,

I have a few questions concerning "Subdomains" within my own domain site. I have split my site up into various sections, well, that's my intentions, and each contains its own subdomain address pertaining to that specific topic / discussion. For example, the following are the subdomain extensions...


I understand that I have to go to www.mysite.com/manager/ to set up my control panel options, I have gone into the "Domain Management" section and see the "NEW" button below the table on that page. I created the pages but I am not too sure where to go from there? How do I add information to these pages and how to I set up the actual information for it when it asks for a "web directory" and "Use Local Mail Server"?

Also, I have another question related to the same area, Domain Management. I would like to have the .org, .com, .net all lead back to my main entrance page which is www.mysite.com but I am not sure how to go about doing that. I realize its about the same process as what I am wanting to do with the above subdomains, but do I have to use a redirection code or anything? If so, is there a way I can have it set to pre-load to the main site without it having to wait, just load automatically as the page goes? :?: :?:

Right now I am so confused I am hurting my own brain lol I've never had these previllages with my last host, and I would like to take full advantage of them. So any help, suggestions, directions would be wonderful. Thank you everyone for your support and help.

Oh, and thanks to those whom have helped with previous questions, I have had much success since my asking those questions, you guys are not only the best, but are LIFE SAVERS!

**HUGS** Merry Christmas to you all!

12-22-2003, 09:37 AM
If I understand what you are doing then with the first four you have listed you want to create sub domains not add domains. It is a bit confusing but I well try to lead you through it.

First log in to your Site Manager and go to Domain Management. Now click on the domain that you want to add the sub domain to that is listed in the grey box with the heading Domains. (you may only have one domain listed here). You should now see a page that looks similiar but the grey box well have Back to Domains where Domains was and the domain you clicked on should no longer be a link. You should also see a list of the existing sub-domains. If you have not added one yet then most likely the only one well be www. Take note of the infromation it is using since it is a sub domain of your domain.

Now click on the New button. You now have a box that pops up that allows you to add the sub domain name and the Root directory for the new sub domain. In the first box you enter on of the four you have listed... example forum, cafe, shoppe or library. Just the word alone nothing else. The Root directory is going to depend on what directoy you put the files so if you put your forum in a directory called forum in your root public www directory you would type in /var/www/html/forum. Click finish and you are done. Now give it a test and see if it works by directing your web browser to forum.yourdomain.com. Notice I did not add the www before the forum. To make that work you would have to add another subdomain in the same way but use www.forum in the sub domain name.

Here is the link to the WestHost manual pages for Domain Management http://manual.westhost.com/part4.html#domainmanagement

Now on to your next question. First if I am not mistaken in order to add the .org .net you would have had to registered those. When you register for a domain you only get the "dot" or extension that you registered. If you have done that and registered also say yourdomain.net then that is what you would use the first "New" button that you mentioned. I'm not real clear what you are doing here so that is about all I can say in regard to that.

Let me know if I am understanding correctly what you are doing and maybe I can add more.

12-22-2003, 03:25 PM
Also, to note, the package you purchased needs to allow for multiple domains in order to create the .net, .org, .xxx domains.

If you just have the basic $8 month setup, you won't be able to do this.

Like wildjoker stated, you need to register the .net, .org, .xxx with your registrar (godaddy, Network Solutions. ...) before you can create these in your setup.

If you registered these already, and your package allows for multiple domains, the setup is easy.

12-22-2003, 04:54 PM
Thanks for adding that adpwl1! I get so involved in the basic question I sometimes forget the obvious.