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12-12-2003, 05:39 PM

I need some help with 2 domains I registered with Westhost. This all started as I am moving to Westhost 2.0. Support kindly got sales to set me up with a new 2.0 account (but its not billed as extra, its like a move) as I moved the sites myself, easy had it done in 30 mins. But the problem I cant kill the old 1.0 account as 1 of my 7 domains still has to be pointed to the 2.0 name servers.

Problem is its was registered with Westhost and I cant access it to repoint.

Here is my ticket stright to domains!

Thank you for contacting WestHost Domain Registration. Your request has been assigned a ticket number of [westhost.com #177357].

Support tell me the accounts department are the only ones to help with domain registration / records, so that is why i sent the ticket to the right place.

Problem is I have 3 westhost domains, the main host one I have login details at: http://register.westhost.com/admin/

This is great, I can edit whois, repoint name servers, etc.

Okay but the other 2, I don't have login details. Both these domains the whois is wrong. One of them has been repointed to Westhost 2.0 and is working (but whois is wrong)! But the last one is not repointed and I have sent in multiple requests to have it repointed, and its STILL on 1.0 nameservers.

I don't worry (as I still have the old 1.0 account up) so the last web site is functioning, but sooner or later either sales are going to bill me, or support are going to kill off the old 1.0 account.

I also want login details for both these domains so I can fix the whois.

I am very happy with 2.0 and I am glad I moved.

Can you please help me?