View Full Version : Custom Name Servers

12-06-2003, 11:21 PM
We signed up for a reseller package and we want to have our own Name Servers instead of our customers using WH's. We signed up to have WH do that. We created ns1/ns2.eitservices.com.

We registered them with GoDaddy on 12/3, they are in the DNS WhoIS database, but we can not NSLOOKUP NS1/NS2.EITSERVICES.COM or PING NS1/NS2.EITSERVICES.COM.

I don't want to point any of my sites to these name servers until I know they are working.

Question: Is anyone else using custom Name Servers from WH, and what was the process you followed. Also, can anyone make any suggestions as to why I can't NSLOOKUP or PING my NameServers?