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12-02-2003, 04:05 PM
I just want my site moved to Westhost 2.0. I have been waiting in anticipation since it was first mentioned. I joined the beta testing program, been there done that!

As it keeps dragging on I emailed support and they said:

I am sorry but we currently are not doing upgrades. The network admins had to go back and redesign the upgrade process due to problems it was causing the sites. You will be upgraded sooner and should receive an email about it in the next week or so but the regular tech support staff has nothing to do with this and we have no idea of any sort of schedule.

Okay I can understand that, no problem, I am not blind I have seen and read the problems. But can someone - please - please tell me when my site can be transposed?. I want it moved, dont care about downtime and problems to fix.

I have need to play with DNS settings for my domain (set up sub domain names, MX entries)as well as other features I have to pay each time to do on Westhost 1.0 :(. I also want to set up other FTP accounts, anonymous ftp, more mailboxes and set my own passwords, all easily done on 2.0 but not on 1.0 :(.

I just want a time when my site can move over :( I filled out the request form to get moved the second it was available and its been so long I have forgotten when that was (ages ago).

I dont want to leave Westhost they have been very good and I have no complaints. Again I will happily accept down time to transition the site and teething problems.

Can anyone in Westhost help me please.......

I am awaitng :)


12-02-2003, 04:27 PM
They may not be doing "upgrades" but if you might be able to convince them to cancel your old account and start a new on. All new accounts are 2.0.

Of if you want to take matters in to your own hands, and pocket book, you could open an new account with them under the Holiday Special. Once you have it up and running cancel the old one. I think that would work. Try contacting sales directly instead of support maybe.

I think they would be willing to do something for you as long as they knew you would move the site instead of them having to do it. Since it would be manual by you it should take all the responsibilty off them.

WestHost - MStevenson
12-03-2003, 08:59 AM

Let me talk to our accounts department about this (and if they can't help I'll talk to some of the system admins). Do you have a ticket number I could give them (just so they can get your contact info and domain name from it)?

12-04-2003, 01:58 AM

Thanks a million sir and also for your time on the phone to sort out my issue.

I look forward to moving over.


12-06-2003, 05:54 PM

Just to let you know I got the new 2.0 account set up. They gave me the same 'extra'space as I have now as I am an existing customer.

I telneted to the old account and zipped up everything. I then telneted to the new account. I then ftped back to the old server.

Transferred the whole site in like a minute!

Then unzipped the files. Edited the absolute paths to suit. Set up my extra domains and my .htaccess for pointing and presto on-line.

5 of the domains are online now. THe last 2 I am waiting for the nameservers to be repointed.

Perfomance - far superior. There are 2 less hops in the routing and by far much faster.

Just in the process of cleaning out the old server except for the 2 active names.

I must say Westhost was more than very good at a few tiny issues I had at the start (only got standard not double space), also my extra domains could not be added in control panel.

Popped in a ticket and was fixed in a few hours!

If anyone the itch to move I recommend it. I had NO downtime as I had IP addresses for both old and new. I got both running parallel now, so no lost mail or anything.