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12-02-2003, 03:51 AM
Havent touch mysql before or any other sql database so forgive my ignorance. Somebody passed me the file to see if the prog works.
I've got a program in php which uses mysql.
I've installed mysql via the site manager.
All the database is in the folder, so I've uploaded the entire folder into my live site var/www/html/prog -
So when I access the folder via the full abc.com/prog/ it doesnt connect to the the database.
It says Could not select database.
Should I upload the prog into the mysql folder which is created when I installed mysql via the sitemanager ?
I havent tried using phpmtadmin, but I'm just impatient wanting to see if the prog works ?
Help appreciated

12-02-2003, 08:42 AM
Not sure what the program is or what it does but if you install pnpMyAdmin you will at least be able to see if the database it is trying to access is there. Really hard to tell without more info. Look for a some type of config file in the program and see if has setting for accessing a database i.e. username, database, password or if maybe those setting are in the program itself.

I am also new to mysql and have to say haveing pnpMyAdmin helped me a lot to see how things work. You also get links to resource pages on diffrent things you can look at.

12-03-2003, 03:13 AM
Hmmm firebirdfan...

Its not too clear from your desc what you are trying to do... but generally you can't just upload some files and have it working. MySQL needs to know about the database and who has access rights to it and all that stuff...

Here's how it would be normally done, to transfer a database from one computer to another.

In PhpMyAdmin:
1. Save the old database in text file, SQL format (on old computer).
2. Create the database that you want to populate.
3. Load the newly created database with this text file.

The above assumes that you want to transfer the data. If that is not a concern and you just want to get the program working then Shawn has pointed you in the right direction. Look for a file called install.php or config.php or something. Or a file called README.

Hope that gives you are starting point.