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11-23-2003, 12:03 PM
I am testing the checkout section of the Miva Storefront and when I am moved over to the secure server, my images no longer show up including the navagation bar images, next, etc. Is there a way for me to get these images to show? I created new personalized button images to replace the originals initially given.


11-23-2003, 02:21 PM
I belive you need to make the source for these images secure also for them to show.

There is mention of it in the manual here:

11-23-2003, 06:46 PM
Thank you for your help. I did go in and try setting the source to ...
https://ssl4.westserver.net/"my username"/Merchant2/
But the images still just showed the "X" for the image. I then went back in and pointed them at the http://www. and then when I ran the test run, it popped up a box about nonnsecure and did I want to display them. If I said yes I could see all the buttons the logo and the continue button. With saying no I saw nothing.

Is there something else I can try? Any examples would be appreciated!


11-23-2003, 10:25 PM
I do not use Miva so not sure how much I can help but did not want to leave you high and dry. I was reading through the manual I pointed you to and then only things I can think to check is the setting for your secure graphics under configuration. It says not to change it so I wouldn't but you might take a look at it and see where it points. See if it is pointed at

https://ssl4.westserver.net/"my username"/Merchant2/ That may be what you where talking about in your post above. I also saw in the manual that you set where the images for menu bar and such are located. Did you do that?

Wish I was more familiar with the program and could help more but if we keep thinking it through maybe something will hit you or we will draw attention to the post by one of the users that use Miva.

If you need it to work right away you may put a notice on your store right before secure checkout that mentions that the window will pop up and that it is because only the images are on a non-secure connection but that all their infromation is secure. I belive that is true. I get it with other secure connections so I don't think it is that uncommon for graphics to be unsecured.


11-23-2003, 10:42 PM
Just had another thought. Are you using the Store Configuration utility that comes with Miva or are you trying to bypass that to get a look that better fits the rest of your site?

11-24-2003, 02:06 PM

What is the URL of your site? Maybe if we can take a look directly at it we might find something. Also, have you tried placing your images in the directory Merchant2 in /var/www/html (case sensitive!)? I'm just pulling info from the manual...

11-24-2003, 04:32 PM
In order for your images to show on the secure side, you should use relative links for them. For example, instead of using http://yoursite.com/images/car.jpg, you would use /images/car.jpg. Also, the image directory should be accessable from the www root directory, /var/www/html or /www/htdocs or any of the other links for it. If you have the images in a directory below that root web directory, you will need to create a symbolic link to that directory in the root web directory. Murf, if none of these suggestions help, let us know your domain name and I'll go in and take a look.

11-25-2003, 12:50 PM
Here is were I have the images under sub folders...

Do I need to try moving them out and under "html" directly or "www" folder. This is my first run at setting up a storefront and this is all new to me.

Here is the link to the storefront. The site is not totally up and running at this point until I work out all the kinks to get the images , formmail and ordering to work properly....

Thanks again in advance for all the help.


11-25-2003, 01:09 PM

I have pm'ed you regarding the issue. I believe you might have your paths incorrect in your miva setup.

12-01-2003, 11:37 AM

I replied to your pm'ed message but not sure you got it as I have not heard back from you before the holiday.

I did have to reset the domain settings to point at the https info you sent. Now that it is pointing at those settings, this is the error message I am back to getting as I originally started with before making the domain settings to what I changed them to to get the checkout to work. Can you offer advice on what I need to do now? Does something need to set up for this to work? I am really hoping to be able to open the storefront this week and need the checkout and images to work. Thanks in advance for the help!

Here is the error message with the domain set per pm'ed message...

You don't have permission to access /fourmurfs/Merchant2/merchant.mvc on this server.


Apache/1.3.27 Server at ssl4.westserver.net Port 443

12-01-2003, 11:55 AM
BTW... I do have the Shared SSL set up and am running Miva through Westhost if this info helps solve the problem.


12-02-2003, 08:59 AM
OK, here is where I am today...

I am able to get back into the checkout after I had changed the settings to what Kris pm'ed me and then I no longer could get into the checkout with using those settings. I would get the Forbidden" error message. I then went back and changed the setting to add "cgi-bin/smivavm?" for the Merchant and Admin to get into the checkout after clicking on the button. Now that that part is working again I am back to not being able to view the graphics.
Here is what I have tried in the Secure Base URL for Graphics settings...

https://ssl4.westserver.net/username/Merchant2/ (yes, I replaced the actual username) ;)

I also tried...
to move the graphics into the en-US/mmui folder and also changed the set up in the store images and button files to point at these images. Still no luck.

I also tried several other things to see if any of them would work...(I tell you I am reaching for whatever)


If I change the ssl4.westserver to http:/www.mysitename/ I can get the images to come up if I say yes to viewing non secure items on the page. I want the images to show through the secure settings. What one thing am I not doing right to get this to work. What am I forgetting to try?


12-04-2003, 07:06 PM

I had the permission settings wrong. I had them set
at 744 (/var/www/html) permissions which prevented anything from
being read in that directory (and all directories below that). Westhost figured out the problem for me after futher looking into it. Thanks Westhost!
This was all confusing for me as there are two www folders and each one
has a different setting depending on the location of that folder.

So now I have my settings set back to the original per Westhosts for the domain and the right permissions.Graphics are all working now on the secure

Figured I would share the fix in case anyone else ever runs into this
in the future.



01-02-2004, 01:17 PM
murf, what are your final, correct settings for the secure graphics? I tried to construe them from the various posts but lost the trail. I'm getting close to the same point and would like to try to get things right from the start. As a first-timer myself, I need all the advance help I can get.

01-04-2004, 01:21 PM
Let me give you the set up of how my folders are now that they are up and running correctly and hopefully that will help you with a smooth start!

Starting with your...
"WWW" folder -
Owner ... R -W -X (777) (Read - Write - Execute)
Group ... R -W -X (777)
All Users ...R -W -X (777)

(Your Domain name folder)
Owner ... R -W -X (777)
Group ... R -W -X (777)
All Users ...R -W -X (777)

"Merchant2" folder -
Owner ... R -W -X (777)
Group ... R -X (755)
All Users ...R -X (755)

"Graphics" folder -
Owner ... R -W -X (777)
Group ... R -X (755)
All Users ...R -X (755)

rwx = 4 + 2 + 1 = 7
r-x = 4 + 0 + 1 = 5
r-x = 4 + 0 + 1 = 5
Which makes : 755

So, 755 is a terse way to say 'I don't mind if other people read or run this file, but only I should be able to modify it' and 777 means 'everyone has full access to this file'