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11-01-2003, 04:37 PM
Is it possible for me to upgrade the Perl version to the latest version 5.8, or is that something that only WestHost can accomplish?



11-06-2003, 02:41 PM
I recently installed a newer Perl alongside of the one that Westhost has installed as the version that I specifically requested is not the same as the one listed on their Packages page which really hoots my horns, but I digress...

Installing your own version of Perl is relatively easy and shouldn't break anything else. Be warned that I don't know the requirements of such things as Neomail and the other pre-wrapped scripts WH offers, which is why I would suggest installing an additional Perl in a different location and leaving WH's there too. Then you merely need to point your scripts to your new version rather than the default, usually using the shebang at the top.

For instance I recently installed Perl 5.8.1 into /var/domains/perl, it is a relatively straightforward process though the configuration can be a little lengthy so just plan some time. Also beware that I have spent a fair amount of time compiling software from sources on unix boxen (read: 6 years) and am very familar with Perl. You have been warned....

Essentially the most important step is to specify the prefix where you want Perl installed, and you will need to re-install modules that you may have installed with this additional Perl. You will also need the "Gnu Compiler Collection" installed from the Site Manager Apps. Beware that some of the tests for things requiring loop back connections failed when installing but I have seen no problems since. This may be a problem with a particular module and/or 5.8.1.

Hope this helps...