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10-27-2003, 07:06 AM
I'VE HAD IT! (Just had to get that off my chest.)

I was using Miva version 4.13 (I believe). PayPal payments would come through but the orders did not. After visiting Miva's support groups, I requested a Miva upgrade (which was supposed to alleviate all sorts of problems but didn't alleviate mine). (I have applied Miva's paypal patch.) It's so strange, because SOME orders come through; others do not.

My paypal log reported this on a recent order that didn't come through:

"1067229932|6c59b4c49f56d2b183126c2a5c37daf0|PP|pay pal:|1315|Order found as basket"

My error log reported:

"[Sun Oct 26 23:59:56 2003] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/Merchant2/paypalp.mvc+"

Can SOMEONE, ANYONE give me a clue?


07-13-2007, 05:35 AM
PayPal is displaying a message "Username, Your Order is Now Complete" one step BEFORE the order is actually complete. If the customer does not return to our MIVA Merchant shopping cart, merchants do not receive their order information and the order is not able to be shipped. To make matters worse, customers are given an incorrect link (by PayPal) to click to return to merchant. Our Garden Flag customers are told to return to our corporate website - but that's not correct either since the link really goes back to the store.

This is a recent change in PayPal's system that is wrecking havoc with our sales system. I have tried with three support tickets to get PayPal tech support to understand the problems they are causing us and our other shopping cart clients (we are also website designers). If we cannot get this problem fixed very soon, I will need to find another payment solution for our company and all of our other shopping cart clients. PayPal no longer works correctly for our MIVA stores.

One temporary fix you can get is an inexpensive (about $20, as I recall) module called "Show Baskets" through MIVA Central. That will at least give you information about orders that were not properly completed. The reason some orders complete and some do not is that some customers will continue to click on links until they return to your store. Others will not. Now that PayPal is telling customers their order is complete, many fewer are not clicking until they return. We added the following message to the footer file of our cart when PayPal is selected:

"Notice For PayPal Payments:
PayPal can be very confusing.
When PayPal says your order is complete, it is NOT complete.

You must click the "Return to Accounting & Computer Enterprises" button
at the bottom of the page after you make your PayPal payment.

This will return you to Garden-Flags.com and complete your order."

You might want to do a test order yourself so you can see what your poor, misinformed customers are seeing. :(