View Full Version : index.htm being renamed to .asp

10-16-2003, 11:43 AM
Since the Westhost transition, my website is automatically renaming my home page, index.htm, to index.asp -- and so when I try to publish from my computer -- it won't overwrite the page.

Why is this happening and what can I do to avoid it?

10-16-2003, 05:49 PM
Have you tried to simply delete the index.asp. Does it still rename it if you do that?


10-21-2003, 03:07 PM
I deleted the index.asp the first time it happened and was able to publish the index.htm file just fine. But the next time I tried, during the publish process -- it automatically renamed it .asp and would NOT let me delete it. It just keeps reappearing every time I try to publish.

10-28-2003, 04:22 PM
ASP interesting stuff, I was not sure ASP worked on anything except NT servers. If you created your page with frontPage (Iím not sure about other packages) and originally (or at some point) saved it as an ASP file you will not be able to "re-name it" You can call it anything you want but windows will forever see it as an ASP file and always add the extension .ASP to it. You may be able to select all in the page mode and copy it to a blank page then name it index.htm that worked for me. Of course I had to reapply the theme and background but the bulk of the page content transferred. At any rate the new page uploaded just fine.