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10-04-2003, 04:30 AM
Hi - I'm trying to set up DNS Records for my non-primary accounts, in the WestHost Domain Management: DNS Records control panel.

I can add all I want to account1.com - but I can't seem to add any type of DNS records for account2.com, account3.org, etc.

Any suggestions? Do I ask the impossible? Maybe I should try using the shell.

10-04-2003, 09:17 AM
I just spoke with WestHost - you can't add DNS records for domains that are not your root domain. You can't do it through the web interface, you can't do it from the prompt. You've never been able to do it.

Evidently this is one of the limits of the cheap shared server hosting system here. If you get a dedicated server plan you can have all the DNS records you want!

04-21-2004, 06:52 PM
Thank you for posting this message preventing me from pulling my hair out and spending more time looking for this feature.

Boy sure makes you question what "Multiple" domains is really all about. WH should spell this out more clearly, I see they finally changed the Perl version on the sales page, after 6+ months.

WestHost - MMellor
04-28-2004, 09:00 AM
Hello Wiggins,

Multiple domains means that you can manage multiple domains under your account. Take a look at : http://manual.westhost.com/part4.html#domainmanagement As far as the DNS records that is correct that they can just be adjusted for the primary domain. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

06-20-2004, 10:51 AM
Maybe I'm misunderstanding this. On the ISP I currently have (I'm trying to switch over to WestHost) I have 3 domains under one account. All 3 domains have their own DNS records. The main domain for the account is sitnprettyphoto.com. One of the sub-domains I have under it is pnwbouvier.com. The other one is echobouvier.com. If I enter into my web browser http://www.pnwbouvier.com, it takes me to the web pages I have set up for it. If I type http://www.echobouvier.com, I go to that web site. These two web sites are under my primary domain web directory. If I want to create a mailing list or maintain e-mail accounts for each of those, I go into the account manager and I can do that.

I'm trying to do the same thing on WestHost with my 3 accounts. I started up with sitnprettyphoto.com being my main account and under it I have created the two sub-domains. Right now, the only DNS that I have changed is the one for pnwbouvier.com so that it points at the West Host DNS servers. Even though it's been a couple of days and if I do a whois on pnwbouvier and it shows the West Host DNS names, I still can not get http://pnwbouvier.com on my new subdomain on WestHost. If I understand you above, I won't be able to get this to work this way on WestHost because of their virtual software?

What I want to do is be able to have a mailing list and phpBB2 for each of the subdomains that are seperate from each other and the main domain. Will the software on WestHost allow me to do this or am I limited to just having a mailing list and phpBB2 forum under my main domain only? If so, I guess that would mean I would have to have a seperate account for each domain to be able to do what I want.

Am I understanding you or have I got it all mixed up? And that won't be the first time either. :lol:

I'm trying to get this all squared away during my 30 day test period. I really need a lot more disk space than my other ISP gives me (which even at 700 megs is costimg me a lot more than it would on WestHost). And I need the mailing list capability. The phpBB2 is just an added bonus that I can sure put to good use. But I don't want to have to put up 3 different accounts to do this. So hopefully I'm just misunderstanding. Maybe I should send some more mail to WestHost support and ask... if they aren't getting tired of my questions by now.



06-20-2004, 11:14 AM
Domains you add to your single account can be set up as individual web sites, yes. However, in every other way (e-mail, scripts*, FTP accounts, etc.) the 3 domains will function as one account. Unfortunately, to achieve total separation, you have to use various hacks (as have been detailed in various posts here).

* Technically, it is possible to separate scripts - you just need to install the same script in 3 different locations/directories so that they function independantly of each other and are associated with the respective domain only. Just keep in mind the limitations with separating e-mail/FTP accounts and so forth (as above). Also keep in mind that you might not be able to install all 3 instances of these programs (to keep them separate from your domains) via your Site Manager - for most, if not all programs it only lets you install them once on your account. That means there would be a certain amount of manual tweaking involved.

And, you're right - for true separation you would have to split your one account with 3 domains, into 3 accounts (or, I guess, you could get a reseller package).

You can always set up mailing lists on your own - to be completely honest with you, that would be the way to go if you are serious about them since the WestHost-provided ones are very simple (and can't be separated for 3 different domains). As for asking questions, I'm sure WestHost won't get tired, so ask away! And, you can always post your uncertainties to this board and somebody will try and help you out.

Good luck.

06-20-2004, 11:48 AM
Thanks Fayez,

I kind of figured that would be the answer. Technology has trouble keeping up with with MY requirements sometimes. :lol:

Although at one time, I didn't mind the challance of hacking and tweaking and getting in and even coding if I had too (I ran a multi-line BBS from 1988 to 2000), I sure don't have the time for that anymore. So to save time and aggravation trying to get it all working, I just created a new starter account with a new domain name that will take care of the more urgent need for a mailing list and less urgent need of the phpBB2 requirement. The 600 megs that comes with the starter account is more than enough for it's purposes and if the need ever grows, it can easily be upgraded to one of the other accounts.

On your comment about setting up a 3rd party or custom mailing list. Is this possible? Can I get one of the ones that has more features and added that to the cgi-bin director and use that rather than the built in one? That sounds like a good idea. Do you know of any good ones out there?

Thanks again for the answer. I know these start ups always take time to get going smoothly if the requirements are much more than just the basic needs. :lol: I appreciate it.


06-20-2004, 01:44 PM
No problem, Mike.

Yes - setting up a custom mailing list program/script is most definitely possible. The included "distribution alias" in the WestHost Site Manager is great if you have a fixed list of a few people that you need to be able to mail, and Mojo Mail (also included) is great if you want to expand on that by adding self-subscribe/unsubscribe features (and the like) but I don't think it is as flexible or as good as some of the others I have checked out, specifically Mailman (http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/). It [Mailman] is very advanced and so requires a little time and effort to get through the install (especially since we don't have root access), but once up and running it is worth it. You'd need to follow the advice of Matt (http://www.domsch.com/westhost/) to set it up, but apart from that it's not that bad (SSH and some *nix knowledge would also simplify the process).

Also, I should mention to you that there are (at least) two caveats:

1. WestHost won't provide support for it should any problems arise, since, of course, it is a custom-install.

2. Mailman requires some processes (programs/scripts) to remain running on your server (in the "background") to process/handle mail and because your VPS is not set up to automatically check and make sure those processes are running, if maintenance is done on your server (meaning your server is restarted), you have to log in via SSH and re-start those processes. I'm not sure what happens to mail for the list that comes in while those processes are not running - hopefully it is queued or something and when the processes are restarted it is processed. I could be wrong about that one though. And, it isn't really that much of an issue since this (maintenance) has only happened twice or thrice in the past 10 months. It certainly would not be an issue if you are the only one that sends mail to the list (and it isn't one of those discussion lists where anyone can mail it and the mail is distributed to everyone on the list).

As always, should you require help you can post to these forums and someone will help you out.