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09-25-2003, 09:27 AM
WildJokerDesign has a post titled "I need help" which can be found here:

In the post he makes reference to a slide menu routine which can be found here:

The slide menu routine fine with IE6 but does not work with Netscape 7.1 or the latest Mozilla browser. It works partially with the latest version of Opera.

I realize that IE has much of the browser market but I am hoping you experts can suggest changes that will get it working in Netscape, Mozilla and Opera (and others if applicable).

Or tell me it can not be done....



P.S. See Shawn's latest post under "I need help"

09-25-2003, 10:34 AM
I just added some to the above mentioned menu page at my site. There is now a second MENU2 you can access to see if it is Netscape compatible. It is the original code I had based the other off of with just a modification of adding the images. It should work with NS earlier version although I am not sure about the later versions after 6+.

Hopefully we can work out a version that will work cross browser. I try as a rule to code my pages to work cross browser but that does seem to be getting harder to do instead of easier.


09-25-2003, 12:50 PM

Menu2 does not work with IE

Menu1 does not work with Netscape and Mozilla - did not try Opera.

Menu2 is blank (white screen no menu) with Netscape and Mozilla.


09-25-2003, 01:32 PM
Hmm... I have my thoughts. I went ahead and added a board to my account and it has a Topic for this. I thought maybe we could start using it instead so we would not clog up the WestHost board. I am also trying to develop some other topics and threads for Help with common WestHost problems on the board. You can see the board here http://www.wildjokerdesign.com/phpBB2/

09-25-2003, 07:01 PM
function MFXinitMenu(){
IE = document.all ? 1:0;
NN = document.layers ? 1:0;
HIDDEN = (NN) ? 'hide' : 'hidden';
VISIBLE = (NN) ? 'show' : 'visible';
myLayer=new Array();
myLayer[0]=(NN) ? document.MFX0 : document.all.MFX0.style;
myLayer[1]=(NN) ? document.MFX1 : document.all.MFX1.style;
myLayer[2]=(NN) ? document.MFX2 : document.all.MFX2.style;
myLayer[3]=(NN) ? document.MFX3 : document.all.MFX3.style;
myLayer[4]=(NN) ? document.MFX4 : document.all.MFX4.style;
myLayer[5]=(NN) ? document.MFX5 : document.all.MFX5.style;
NN7.1 doesn't support document.layers. So in your detection code above,
NN would be false (as well as IE). When you get to the point of initializing the myLayer array for example since the test for NN failed your script assumes it must be IE, but of course that's false too. So basically the array is not being initialized for NN7.1, because the browser chokes. You need a better test for NN. For NN6 and NN7 getElementById would suffice since NN4 doesn't support it. I whole heartedly agree trying to maintain compatability with antiquated browsers such as NN4 is a nightmare. Fortunately NN6, NN7, Konqueror, Opera, and IE5+ are close enough you can support them all without too much trouble or coding differences.


09-25-2003, 07:37 PM
Thanks for your suggested changes..

Since this is beyond me I am hoping you can try out SJP's changes....


09-25-2003, 07:43 PM
Yes Charlie I will work it in. I moved SJP's post over to my forum http://www.wildjokerdesign.com/phpBB2/ and will add more comments as I go along there. If anyone else would like to comment your welcome to on my board.