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09-19-2003, 02:24 PM

I hope that some helpful soul out there might lend some assistance because our very urgent emergency is currently not being served by Westhost (ticket # 95503).

Our primary domain, bristolcookbooks.com, is an account registered though not hosted with Westhost. Our secondary domain, Bristolpublishing.com, is both registered and hosted. I understand that I should be able to add the cookbooks domain to the publishing domain as long as we use Westhost DNS. Well, when I use the Westhost 2.0 manager, I don't get the option to enter a new domain -- just subdomains (once I click on a domain name). And our account is at the level where we should get 5 domains associated for free.

Thank you if you can help in resolving this without waiting for Westhost's intervention. Or must I simply wait for them to rectify their error?


09-19-2003, 03:02 PM
Hi Tony,

I believe adding/associating a second domain to/with your account - even if it comes with 5 of these for free - is something that WestHost needs to do on their side, not something us users can do through the control panel. I think you'd just have to submit that request (which you have done already by sending in the support request) and wait for them to do it for you.

09-19-2003, 03:15 PM
This seems logical, Design64, and I appreciate your help, but the manual for Westhost 2.0 would seem to indicate otherwise. If you look carefully at domain management, it appears to indicate that additional domains can be added by the user. Hmm, either this functionality will be added later, our account has not been assigned it, or the manual is erroneous.

Thanks again. I'll just sit tight after submitting my support request.


09-19-2003, 03:38 PM

Unfortunately there are numerous errors in the manual. But you are right, it does have a less-than-detailed section on adding a new domain to your account. In fact, I just tried it and it let me add a domain which by no means it should have allowed (it added it, but "did" nothing else). That just tells me it does not function correctly. What you need added a is a domain pointer, and those have/had always been added by WestHost - not by the account holder. Once WestHost adds it for you, it'll probably show up in the Site Manager as an additional domain.

Meanwhile, if you really need to you could "point" the domain to your account by yourself by logging in to your domain management/control panel and adding it as a URL forward or changing the CName IP address to match the IP address of the domain that has its own WestHost account. But I would not recommend that unless you know how it all works (and I think you'd have to change nameservers to use eNom's which in itself would take a couple of hours to propagate).

09-19-2003, 03:45 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. Until yesterday, this was the solution we had adopted from the start of our Westhost tenure. I was not even aware that Westhost would do this domain pointing with their help.

Unfortunately, the servers that one must select when using this option are indeed Enom servers but Westhost won't acknowledge them as valid. In other words, one must select to use "Our Nameservers," meaning westhost's nameservers, but these nameservers are ultimately unreliable and went down yesterday. When one selects to use "Your Own Nameservers" and types in "ns.westserver.net" and "ns2.westserver.net," the options to forward the domain disappear.

Again, all I can do is just sit and wait, I guess. Hopefully they'll get the Westhost 2.0 chaos under control so that they can attend to my pressing problem.

Thanks again,