View Full Version : 500 Syntax Error - Help needed

11-23-2003, 08:15 PM

I just wanted to throw some documentation in for anyone who views this thread later. That error is given by FTP when you try to log into a VPS that is name-based, meaning it has a shared IP address (not a dedicated one). This occurs currently on these package types:

- Basic (usually under resellers; most reseller packages are name-based)
- Starter (not Starter packages with a dedicated IP, just plain-jane starter packages)

The solution? Just make sure that you make the FTP username or userID the full email address, like this for example: domain@domain.com or username@domain.com

Additional notes: the built-in FTP support in Windows XP where you can put ftp://username@domain.com/ in the address bar of your IE window or add a network place for that, will NOT work for a name-based account. You end up with something like this: ftp://username@domain.com@domain.com/ which confuses the heck out of IE. Don't do it; just find a better FTP client, like cuteFTP or WS_FTP Pro or the like. :D