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09-19-2003, 10:58 AM
Hello All,

I recieved a request for a version of a Slide Menu I use on one of my sites from Charlie/ccweb. It was pretty messy java script that I had modified from a Dreamweaver extension so I told him I would clean it up and give him the results. Well I have been working on it but I can not get the images to show consistently. They are all there and if I plug them directly into the html they show but if I try to plug them in with the java script sometimes they do and other times they don't. I just can't see what I am missing the script still works on the other account that I use it on.

I thouht I would post the link to the pages and see if any of you could see what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


09-19-2003, 11:20 AM
Is the script calling the images from the correct dir? Looking at the image properties, the first is listed as being here: http://www.wildjokerdesign.com/menu/homealt.jpg but it shows me nothing.

09-19-2003, 03:21 PM
Hi Joker,

I think Jinc is right the path to the images are may be wrong:
- img src=\"homealt.jpg\" width=\"150\" height=\"20\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Home\">
- img src=\"/menu/home.jpg\" width=\"150\" height=\"20\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Home\"><\a>

Look one is in /menu/ folder and the others not.

Hope this will help[/b]

09-24-2003, 05:14 PM
Glad to here someone is helping!

Charlie and I have been tossing notes about securing forms by encrypting the data with PGP keys that is emailed and or saved on the server in an encryped state. We have been more or less working two tracks. 1. identifing and aquiring Fishform.pl and using pgpform. I found Fishform on another host I have but it appears somewhat complex.

2. PGPFORM.pl is easily obtained but requires a "simple security patch. I applied the patch (I think) but the progam quit. I'm sure it's something overlooked, it only required updating 4 lines in the code.

You would not believe the build it yourself Fishform instructions I got from onlineinstitue.com. If you need a good laugh check it out on our fishform posts.


09-24-2003, 06:35 PM
I was just replying to your PM when it this one POPPED into Outlook and it launched the link blowing away my response.

Don't waste time yet on PGPmail. it is now owned by Network Associates and seems to have evolved into a secure e-mail package for P.C.s.

I think I have found something a bit better at:


At least I can't find anything on the hacker sites about breaking into it.
PGP5formmail.pl requires PGP5 or higher. It has less code but more features.

I found a post from last May about PGP the reply from Westhost was GNuPG was availible but they had no plans to Upgrade PGP in 2.0, plans may have evolved since then. The Post reads: "Any chance of WestHost adding PGP as a standard feature or add on?


"Yes, GnuPG is available, but we do not currently have any plans to upgrade to a more recent version on our current systems. As we move to WestHost 2.0, we are looking at adding GnuPG at its current (1.2.2) version for our clients' use. As a side note, if you are comfortable doing so, you should be able to compile GnuPG or PGP for your own personal use on your account, thereby not needing us to install these for you.
Chris Simiskey

It is probably on the secure server. "Install ourselves". This is an E-commerce host to a large part, I'm suprised about the apparent lack of care for form security. I can't get to my secure link it says access denied.

Oh Well....Still wating on My foriegn Host to upgrade the account so I can access fishform. I first checked the Program with my first host but they would not give me the file, I have since dropped them. These new guys will give it to me after I supply them with the approiate amount of graft.
let me install PGP on westhost and I'll see just how hard it is. I have not been upgraded 2.0 so everything except SSL seems to be working.

Gnupgp is free but I think they are on version 10 not 1 whatever. I think it will work with PGPformmail


09-25-2003, 09:09 AM
Charlie pointed out to me that the menu only works with IE so I went searching and found some other menus. They are similiar but each work a bit diffrent. When I have time I will look closer at them and see what I can do about combineing some of them with current to work on all browsers. The first is the index and the other links are ones I found interesting.



09-25-2003, 06:06 PM
I must have missed something I'm well past the menu phase.

I went through the menus on Dynamicdrive a couple months ago. The problem I had was they, (JAVA) are dependant on so many varibles that it makes your head swim some don't work without JDK1.02 and some don't work without JDK1.1. Of course none of them work if the browser does not have permissions set to accept Java to begin with. I also noticed that the defaut installation on the new browsers is set to reject .class files.

Then of course there are those people that never upgrade their browsers,all they will see is a blank space. I use a JAVA menu that is well docmented but it was not free. demo can be downloaded at http://www.apycom.com (definitly the best looking JAVA menus out there.

The most common error with Java menus is one of a number of "Illegal" Errors caused by the width of the menu bar being too wide for the browser. I'm not sure what Netscapes limitation is on the size

Your best bet is if you use a JAVA menu make sure the Page also has text links for the multitudes that can't see your JAVA menu.

On a brighter note JAVA does not cause your page to load any slower (or faster) Oh Yea it looks great too, even if your the only one that can see it.

Gif buttons are also nice if you don't care that it takes half a day for them to load at 14.K. most of people that own modems buy a fancy modem capable of great speed but have phone lines so crummy that they rarely see over 28K. I tried XARA 3D Menu and the front page load time estimation at 33K jumped by 32 seconds. This was the best time, some of the menu configurations added over 100 seconds to the page load time. Not a problem if everyone has DSL or cable.


09-25-2003, 06:26 PM
Yep it seems we have two topics going here. It started out about the slide menu Charlie was intertested in and kinda went on from there.

I checked out your link to the menu you use very nice options. I like you always try to provide "low tech" options for user. I also base alot on the stats I get back on what users of the site are using. I have one where it seems to be almost all IE users so I am more inclined to use something that is IE specific.