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09-15-2003, 07:16 PM
While I am verse in website design and implementation, I'm afraid I know nothing about public FTP.

I have created a user account for my client so he can upload files that he would like other people to be able to download, preferably using just a web browser.

The Site Manager won't let me use the /ftp/pub/anonymous as his home directory, and when I create /ftp/pub/username as his home directory, it won't allow him to go to the /ftp/pub/anonymous directory to place files to download.

I can't figure out how to set up the FTP account so he has access to all the files, just as the default account does.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you for your time,


09-15-2003, 07:38 PM
Quote Maida:
"I can't figure out how to set up the FTP account so he has access to all the files, just as the default account does. "

I've had the same problem with individual users being unable to access files in /www/ .

If you want your client to have access to all files in the /www/ directory, you might try going into Site Manager and changing his FTP directory to:


This worked for me with one user. but I have an open ticket on the others who need /www/ access.


09-15-2003, 08:00 PM

I think kitkat meant /www/htdocs not /ftp/www/htdocs - the latter does not exist. The former is the directory where files accessible to your browser go (i.e. where you put your web site).

09-15-2003, 08:05 PM
Thank you, Fayez.

That *is* what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.


09-15-2003, 09:02 PM
That did work for that directory, however, I was hoping that the FTP user could also access the /ftp/pub/anonymous directory to upload files.

Here's what I'm trying to do.

My client needs access to a place that he can put large files to be picked up

He knows nothing about HTML, so I was hoping to have him put the files in the /ftp/pub/anonymous directory where you can view the directory contents without having to have a default .htm page

When I created his account with the default /ftp/pub/username directory, I was unable to access that directory without logging in as that username.

I have enabled anonymous ftp for download, but I don't want just anyone to be able to upload, just this user.

Any ideas?


09-15-2003, 09:09 PM

Could you write an upload script that he could use and password protect it? You could have the script dump the upload into the public directory.

Hopefully someone will give you an easier idea. Thank goodness there are more ways then one to do something.

09-15-2003, 09:21 PM
Actaully, I have provided him a password protected page where he can upload files to a specific directory, and I am using a script that automatically generates an index.html file in that directory.

He said that he'd like to be able to clean stuff off as needed as well. Anyone know of a script I can let him use to do that?

Hmmm....well, I guess I could just give him FTP user access to that folder so he can delete files using an FTP client.

Goodness, there must be an easier way...I thought that was what anonymous FTP was supposed to be able to let me do.

There has to be a way to have an FTP user write to the /ftp/pub/anonymous directory without allowing others to do so...

I'll put a support ticket in, but I'm guessing that a non-site down will be at the bottom of the totem pole until the upgrade is complete.

Thanks for your time everyone...I'll still be watching this thread to see if any new solutions come up...


09-16-2003, 02:52 PM
The whole point of anonymous FTP is just that - that anyone can upload to/download from it. In response to having to use an FTP program, have you tried out yourdomain.com/users/? It's a control panel for people you give E-mail/FTP accounts to - almost identical to ours (except it has greatly reduced features). One feature in it is a way to use your browser to upload/manage your FTP account. I think it requires IE, though, and isn't very powerful at all. Of course, you need to enter your username and password to initially get it to connect, but after that it behaves more or less like a normal "folder window" in Windows.

Apart from that, I'd recommend you find yourself a simple file manager script to let this user add and remove files. Check out http://www.hotscripts.com

09-16-2003, 06:02 PM
have you tried out yourdomain.com/users/? It's a control panel for people you give E-mail/FTP accounts to

I didn't know that was how you accessed those. Where did you find that bit of info. I just bet it was real obvious and I am going to feel dumb when you tell me. :)


09-17-2003, 03:28 AM

Actually I remember Tina pointing that URL out on the Beta test forums in response to a question I had back then. I just searched the manual and it looks like they forgot to include this info in it...