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09-11-2003, 05:44 AM
Many problems that people are having can easily be fixed (and some, of course, are the opposite). My suggestion is make this a sticky post in order to present and collect known fixes; especially for Westhost technical support to share fixes and tips to save themselves a lot of grief.

Here are a few examples:

1. Of course, everyone needs to start by going to http://lp.westhost.net/ to pick up there new passwords and read the general information provided there. These passwords will allow you (in theory) to login to your Site Manager at www.yourdomain.com/manager

(PS - I wonder how many hits "yourdomain.com" gets in a day...?)

2. CGI Scripts - If your CGI scripts aren't working, don't panic and assume you have to edit all the scripts. First, make sure that all the necessary tools/applications/etc. have been installed on your site. For example, many CGI scripts require PERL to be installed. In my case, PERL wasn't automatically installed when my site was migrated, so I had to reinstall PERL myself. Fortunately, this is EASY using the new Site Manager (see #1 above). After you install PERL, see if your scripts are working. I think you may also have to go into the scripts and change the location where PERL is located. Now it's in: /bin/perl (see all the new paths at http://manual.westhost.com/part6.html#ca-paths ).

In addition to installing PERL, there are many other applications that you potentially need to install to get your site working. Hopefully, you're aware of what you loaded on your site and what the needs are. For example, if you have a database running (or not running, that is), you may need to install some of the database applications.

3. Frontpage webs - In the site manager, check the Frontpage extensions are installed. If not, install them.

4. Email aliases - Other posts have discussed some technical solutions for recovering your old aliases and, possibly, missing email. Or you can just recreate the aliases to the best of your ability, if you think you remember the important ones.

These are some really simple steps. Fortunately, I haven't had a major problem apart from a couple of the issues above (well, my site was down but Westhost fixed that). These items above, of course, can be major problems if you don't fix them or get help. I hope this will save some of you some trouble.

Can someone make this a sticky post now??