View Full Version : Obtaining and Updating Passwords

WestHost - BErickson
09-10-2003, 03:51 PM
Accessing your main account and POP e-mail passwords:
If you believe your password(s) are NOT working, go to http://lp.westhost.net to retrieve the most recent password update from WestHost. If you make any changes to your password, they will not be reflected in the information provided by this tool.

Changing your Main Password:
You can change your main user password at any time by logging into your Site Manager (www.yourdomain.com/SM/). Once in your Site Manager, click on "Site Management" along the top menu, then "Site Parameters" in the left menu. Here you can enter your new password two times, to verify you are typing it the same both times, then click "update". The password for the site manager will be immediately changed to the new password assuming it follows the requirement of being at least 6-8 characters long.

Changing E-mail & Frontpage Passwords:
For more detailed instructions on how to change your passwords for e-mail and FrontPage, go to: