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09-09-2003, 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: [westhost.com #84675] **SITE DOWN** **EMERGENCY** Since migration, inventory is gone!


I was able to get the database files for the inventory to work--for whatever reason, the ".db" extension of our data files is no longer needed since migrating ("data.db" is now just "data")--so the store seems to be working with the exception of the SSL:


It's a script we need to call to transmit transcations. What's the deal? People can shop but not buy.

My client tried to call and probably wrote a nasty email after she couldn't even talk to anyone. I know you're doing you're best, so I would appreciate a resolution to the SSL problem ASAP.

Many thanks,
Brian Blevins

09-09-2003, 05:17 PM
Have you made sure the SSL is installed on the account?
This is the link to the manual that explains how more or less

I am not familiar with SSL as I do not use it. I also know from the forum that some clients are haveing problems with the license so if the above does not work you may have to submit a support ticket and revisit the forum.

I know there are alot of other post on this subject that may be usefull you can try searching for SSL in the forum.... although for me the search does not always return a result. Many times I come back and try the search again and get results.

WestHost - BErickson
09-09-2003, 06:13 PM
From Chris Simiskey in an earlier SSL post:

Just to clarify for everyone:

If you are experiencing problems accessing your site securely, make sure that you have the SharedSSL site app installed (under Tools).

Scripts/pages that look and work fine non-securely won't necessarily work the same way securely. Generally this is a pathing issue, making sure the script or page knows that it is pulling from a different location.

Editing a script non-securely = editing that same script securely. The files are pulled from the same physical location.

There may be some confusion here for our clients who had a 'mini-ssl' account with its own separate log-in. There will no longer be a different login for SSL files. There is definately no root login available for our clients.

is the same as:

Hopefully that clears this up a bit.
Chris Simiskey


Do you have your own SSL certificate?