View Full Version : Migration FAQ

09-07-2003, 11:14 PM
I've started a migration FAQ to try to address many of the questionst out there. I've done the best I can to get the answers, I KNOW I don't have all of the answers. If someone wants to take this and expand on it, they are PERFECTLY free to. I'll try to add to it some as I get a chance to try and cut down on the need to spend 5 minutes typing each response.

The FAQ of the moment is at http://www.averyjparker.com/faq/

It's completely unofficial, not associated with westhost, I take no responsibility for these things not working... blah blah blah, but these are some of the answers that have been floating around here. It's ugly but hopefully it'll help someone out.

I'll try to add to it as I can, but since I primarily do tech support I may not be available to work on it the next few days, just depends on whose computer "blows up" so to speak....