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09-05-2003, 06:02 PM
Don't know if anyone else out there uses ezcontents as a CMS on their site, but though this might help them out if they are.

Just to update folks on what it took to get a site that I have running. I use ezcontents as the cms for the site. www.ezcontents.org The site is www.ashevillemusic.org. (At this point it's an older revision, I was waiting until after the migration to upgrade.....)

Anyway, when they first moved the old site over to the new, it looked as though the database didn't completely transfer. That was quickly resolved and the site was left with a script error (cannot re_declare.....) They looked at the site several times with no success, I looked at making slight changes to the code (I'm not a php wizard - just starting out with php scripting...) Still the best that was possible was a VERY sparse looking rendition of the page. In looking at the ezcontents support forums it looked as though the best suggestion for moving servers was to dump the database - do a clean install and then move the database back in....

So, I made a test directory under my www directory called testarea and setup a new database with phpMyAdmin (should be installable from the site manager - in the database software addons...) I setup the new ezcontents with the new database and all seemed good. Then I exported all the data out from the old database - then dumped it into mysql from the commandline. Made changes to the include/config.php file to point to the new database. Once I verified that this was working, I tried reinstalling the cms in the www directory itself with a new database. That didn't seem to work, so I just copied the files from my www/testarea/ezcontents, www/testarea/ezcontents/include and www/testarea/ezcontents/admin (*include seemed to be the one that got things in good shape.) copied those into their respective locations under the www folder and everything seems to work. I just went through and cleaned out the extra databases I made in the process, etc.

Before going through all this, I had checked the permissions on EVERYTHING, the settings in the config file, all of that seemed to be identical - afterwards I've even gone back and done a diff on everything in the config folder, the index file, etc. and I don't see ANY differences. So, it _should_ have worked from what I can see, it just didn't work by copying things directly over.

Don't know if anyone else out there uses this cms, but I expect I may see that problem again as the next of my sites migrates. (Thought I'd at least leave myself a good roadmap.) I don't know that there's anything that they could do differently to prevent that breakage - just seems that moving to a new server it NEEDS to be reinstalled. (Hopefully with the next moves the database contents will be more thoroughly copied *(originally just one table seemed to copy..) (Reinstallation takes place using the ez_install.php script that comes with the cms.)

I'm sure there's probably something that I overlooked in comparing things, but.... this worked to getting things back up.