View Full Version : i'm in! But how to create sub domains?

09-02-2003, 05:00 PM
I didn't receive any email from Westhost since all my sub-domains were down (allmost 8 hours ago) but i managed to get in my account with the old username and password.

But how can i create a sub-domain.
The program asks 2 questions: the name of the sub-domain and the "root
directory for the new sub domain"

Lets say i want to create: miami-hotels.domain.com
What is then the root directory?

Can someone give me the answer? Its here 0100 and i like to go to my bed.

09-02-2003, 06:36 PM
I did the following;

First I created a directory /var/www/html/testsub

I then created a sub domain:
Sub Domain Name:
Root directory for new sub domain will be:

That allowed me to access an index page using this url http://testsub.hahajoca.com

Notice that the Root is different from the directory location.

There are some problems with the page I uploaded but that is because I did it quick and dirty just copying an index page from anouther part of my site and did not fix the paths.

Hope that helps you out. Worked good for me :D

Both /www/htdocs/testsub and /var/www/html/testsub work for Root directory.... Don't know why but they do.... I tried it both ways.

Also after I uploaded my index.shtml page the images where not showing up so I went into Web Aliases clicked on my new sub domain and added an aliase to my images directory. The Alias Path I used was
/var/www/html/images/ and the server then knew where to find my images. When I code I do not use full paths to images but from root which is why I had to do that.