View Full Version : transferring accounts

08-22-2003, 07:04 PM
I bought the new reseller #1 account and am learning how to use it's features. I set up one brand new account in it, but am wondering about moving my previously existing accounts into it. I found this text on your website, but I never received the detailed instructions when I ordered the package.

WestHost will take care of transfering accounts to the new Reseller packages. This will be done once everything has been transitioned to WestHost 2.0. There will not be any down time for any of the accounts. You will received detailed instructions on the process when you order your new Reseller package.

Mostly I am worrying about whether new stuff I set up now in the reseller account will either interfere with moving the preexisting accounts, or possibly be overwritten when the preexisting accounts do get moved. I also don't like paying for separate accounts any longer than necessary.

Thanks for your help!