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06-24-2003, 07:12 PM
Could you have a look at my site and tell me what you think?


Thanks very much!

06-24-2003, 11:17 PM
Your site looks great. The pages are all uniform, it's easy to navigate and you're using stylesheets. (using stylesheets will get you extra points with me, because it saves bandwidth) I like it. :)

After looking at the HTML code, I think that could be cleaned up a little. You should run your code through the validator at http://validator.w3.org. In any case, Mozilla 1.0.0 (http://www.mozilla.org) displays the page perfectly. :D

06-25-2003, 12:21 AM
Yuppers.. looks good on IE6 at 1024x768 as well.. Well done.. except that there seems to be a wider gap on the left side than on the right.. maybe it's just me, or maybe an optical illusion due to the color contrasts, but the table doesn't seem to be centered?

06-25-2003, 07:44 AM
I will definitely run it through the validator as soon as I get the chance.

The table is centred; maybe you're right that it is an illusion. I hadn't really noticed myself, but then again I have spent a lot of hours staring at it so maybe I got used to it!

Thanks for your comments so far; keep 'em coming!

06-25-2003, 09:01 AM
Yes very nicely laid out. The look is very clean and crisp. I do belive that the margins are an optical illusion. On my system the tabe appeared to be centered. I was also viewing it on IE6 at 1024X768.