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05-12-2003, 08:06 AM
So far I am extremely pleased with everything westhost does however it seems every time I have moved a site from a previous server and domain hosting place it's taken a very long time to do so. I do know about the fact it takes a while for stuff to propogate across the Internet. It might not be Westhosts problem either as it seems to previous hosting services I have dealed with are very slow to release stuff.

Anyone else have experiences like this? Like I said I think Westhost does what they can do but is there a better and more effective way of communicating with the other services you are moving from?

10-28-2003, 09:17 AM
Hey linkerjpatrick

Yeah it does cause some problems. The biggest problem is that you'll have to change the nameservers of the domain, wait for the DNS place u're with to update which should take only a few hours but sometimes takes longer. You still have to wait for the site to propagate and smooth out any problems.

All i can say is that unless the domain provider requires you to use their Nameservers you can set webforwards, with something like ZoneEdit.
(http://www.zoneedit.com) Try that site, very nice DNS provider, they use Bind but with a Perl interface.

When i am tranferring a website or believe it will be down (due to the host) i quickly just redirect the domain name to a temporary and free host such as Rootshell. (http://www.rootshell.be) and Metawire (http://www.metawire.org) They are pretty fast but nothing compared to hosts you pay for. It does save you some time though if the host is down.

The same can apply for email. I have a few domains just purchased for forwarding. When you dont trust someone you give them a certain email address which forwards to a POP/SMTP one you trust. In the case of spam you just forward the same email address back to them ;) Wish i could see the looks on their faces when that happens.
If all else fails (which it has sometimes) you are forced to forward everything to hotmail and angelfire just to make sure nothing is down for too long :P

Of course if you got lots of money and lots of hosts you will be fine but i find Zoneedit works nicely with web and mailforwarding so i dont need to worry about 'not receiving email'

I hope some of this helped