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05-06-2003, 07:30 PM
We Like your Spam Email Filtering feature and we think it works as intended.

However, we would like to have some user configurable options, preferably in the Control Panel.

We would like to be able change the "hits" threshold level and be able to select whether we want to download the filtered mail at all.

UPSS Systems

05-06-2003, 08:00 PM

I have various newsletters that are flagged as spam, which are not.

05-07-2003, 08:40 AM
I think the SPAM Filter is an excellent idea but I had to request its removal from my account because it filtered out all my customer orders, when it was implemented.

I get alot of Spam mail and I would like to be able to use it to prevent spiders from picking up my email addresses for sending me junk (spam) mail. But I don't want to lose any business, so i've resigned myself to d erasing them manually (about +100 per day).

Tito Rosario

WestHost - CSimiskey
05-07-2003, 10:48 AM
The spamfilter does not actually delete any e-mail, the annoyance factor though in getting legitimate e-mails marked as spam is definitely there. Fortunately there is a way to help reduce the amount of legitimate e-mails that get flagged. Unfortunately, its not the easiest thing to do, although we are working on it to make it more friendly to change. For now though, here is the process to make updates to the filtering of your email:

In your account in this directory:

you will find a file called

In this file you will see something like this:

# WestHost default user_prefs file for spamassassin
# For information on how to edit this file, see: man Mail::SpamAssass::Conf

# How many hits before a mail is considered spam. (remove the comment for
# this option to take effect)
#required_hits 5

# Whitelist and blacklist addresses are now file-glob-style patterns, so
# "friend@somewhere.com", "*@isp.com", or "*.domain.net" will all work.
# whitelist_from someone@somewhere.com

You can add e-mail addresses to both whitelist_from (never marked as spam) and blacklist_from (always marked as spam) as well as changed the required_hits (minimum score) to be marked as spam based on SpamAssassin's ruleset. For example, because I trust SpamAssassin, I have my score set to 2 (5 is default) like this:
required_hits 2

Of course I have a few legitimate emails that go above the score of two, so I whitelist them:
whitelist_from *@laffaday.com
whitelist_from *@funnymail.com
whitelist_from *@ebay.com

And then finally I have the places I know are spam always, so I blacklist them:
blacklist_from *@*oin71.com
blacklist_from *@mail.yourinterestonly.com
blacklist_from offers@*
blacklist_from *@*.idsbi.com
blacklist_from friend@*

Note the use of wildcards (*, ?) in my addresses that I white/blicklist. That allows for great flexibility in blocking either an entire domain, a group of similar domains, or just a single email address depending on your needs.

I hope this helps out. If you need more information about our filter, you can check out the products homepage here:

Note: Edit this file with your favorite editor, either from a shell, or on your local computer, then save back to the same location.

05-07-2003, 06:12 PM
We (CleanMyMailbox.com) host at WestHost and love their implementation of SpamAssassin(tm).

To better enhance SpamAssassin(tm), we offer a free Windows program that will create/edit the user_prefs file, which is implemented at WestHost in your virtual server at: /home/yourdomain/.spamassassin

You may download the program (SAUP) here:


We also offer a real-time CGI interface for the user_prefs file, if you don't mind previewing your email via a web interface. You may download the realtime interface tool (SAUP-RI) at:


Using the realtime interface, you may blacklist and whitelist to your SpamAssassin(tm) user_prefs file right from your POP mailbox, with just one mouseclick. SpamAssassin(tm) instantly recognizes your blacklist and whitelist entries.

Best of success!

Joe Halbrook, CTO
Permission Technologies

06-13-2003, 02:27 PM
I'd like a clear explanation of why spamassassin filtering isn't available for aliased email addresses. This restriction allows a lot of spam to go through.

I assume that the mailer daemon first reroutes aliased email (via plusmail?) and then runs spamassassin on what's left over. I'm not sure why this sequence can't be reversed. I believe it would involve some effort, but it would be nice to know that the problem is being worked on.

Spam filtering is somewhat new to ISPs, but as it becomes more standard, issues like this will probably be resolved. I hope westhost takes the lead in making filtering work well, instead of playing catch-up :D

- Lloyd Dalton

WestHost - CSimiskey
06-13-2003, 03:50 PM
The reason this happens this way is to prevent e-mail from being filtered multiple times. If an e-mail alias points to say your earthlink.net account and they provide spam filtering for which you have a set of rules setup for their filtering, you would have to keep the same list of rules (black/white-lists) on your WestHost account to prevent mail from being marked as spam that shouldn't be. As it is, there are no plans in the works to make a change to the system as it is now, nor is it likely that something like that WILL be looked at until at least September, once our migration to WestHost 2.0 is complete. We will definitely mark it down as a feature request though, so keep an eye out after the migration and we may get this going, or at least make it an option for individual users that request it.

06-13-2003, 04:15 PM
Thank you for accepting the feature request. :)

Having multiple spam filters on multiple accounts would be ok. It's fairly easy to turn off spam filtering on one or the other. For users like myself who use westhost mail as their primary server, being able to filter on all incoming mail is important.

Thanks also for the great work on westhost 2.0. The improvements really show.

08-09-2003, 08:12 AM

Just wanted to make you aware of a script package that we are offering that will allow you to filter not ony email from any POP mailbox, but also any forwarded email to any POP mailbox.

You may obtain information here:

There are demos for both the single and unlimited POP mailbox packages.
Also, I can send you a URL if you want to trial the package before buying.

Best Of Luck,

Joe Halbrook
Permission Technologies