View Full Version : Another RAID rebuild on WH4 sl-508-4?

08-26-2014, 04:27 PM
Affected System(s): wsl04004
Fix ETA: 10 p.m. MDT

It seems this server goes out frequently. When I check Network Status, very often this is the only server affected. I was upgraded from WH3 on this very same server to WH4 sl-508-4.slc.westdc.net.

Outage repairs began at 7:46pm MDT and continue to this writing, though I've been UP for about an hour now. Users have been unable to access my site for over half a day. When they get an "Unable to Connect" browser message, many are not coming back to try later.

RAID rebuilds are time consuming, and we've seen far too many of them. The very least WH could do is put up some kind of intercept message on affected servers so users will know to try later.