View Full Version : Warning - mysql backups

05-13-2013, 04:20 PM
I thought I'd post this warning to anyone relying on westhost mysql database backups.

Unknown to me one of my databases became corrupt back in March, however the database continued to function correctly and the server backups did not log any errors.
Yesterday the database was working fine, today all the records from the database since March have disappeared. I requested the backups from support and was provided with the last 4 days backups - all these backups only have data up to March, the last 2 months data has disappeared. So since the (suspected) corruption, none of the backups have been working.

I guess you need to do your own backups and keep checking that the backups have all your data.

05-14-2013, 08:19 AM
Yes it is a good idea to do your own backups or use a separate service to do backups of both your site files and databases. I consider the WH backups a last resort type of thing. There is actually a new sister company of WestHost called Comcure that offers backups of both files and databases of your site. https://www.comcure.com/ Nice thing about this service, is that it is free for a single domain. :) Been using it on one of my domains for a few months now since they announced it. Was pretty painless to set up and it emails you a confirm message each day when it is backed up.

All that being said if your database was corrupted then it may be that even a service like this would not have an up to date backup. All depends on the type of corruption. It is still a good idea to check your backups from time to time to makes sure all is in working order. That is actually something nice about having a service like above. Most will indicate on each backup how many files have changed and if the size of the database has changed. If you noticed that it was not changing then you would have an idea that something may be up.