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04-02-2013, 04:28 AM
I am a long-time client on the old system and have recently decided to upgrade to a VPS account because of daily slowdowns.

I cannot get any answers using the support system. I'm not sure it works. When I submit a ticket (by clicking on Submit a Support Request in Cpanel), it responds with "E-mail Sent" but I never receive a reply. I'm not even sure where to check for replies. When I click on the Support/Life Jacket icon accessed on the cp.westhost.com site, the tickets I sent are not listed there.

By the way, I'm sure most users already know this but for new users, the Support icon doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer -had to log in using Firefox to try and use it.

Although I have lots of questions, I know it's not reasonable to ask them all and expect answers so I'll just ask one:

On my new VPS account, in cpanel, under Server Status, my brand new account, with no files uploaded yet, shows 48% memory usage. Is that normal? Screenshot attached. oops --no it isn't --not allowed to post attachments.


UPDATE - It bugs me to have to use Firefox (instead of my normal browser, IE) in order to use the cp.westhost utilities (Support) but I started over and submitted my question there (instead of in cpanel) and I was automatically assigned ticket numbers and the question was recorded and resides there. Maybe THIS is the correct way to go about asking questions. Maybe the cpanel Submit a Support Request doesn't work at all or is for another purpose.


UPDATE - I got my answers... Using Firefox, I submitted questions using the Support function at cp.westhost.com and already received answers. Accordng to the person who replied, 48 - 50% is normal for a Cloud account. If it rises to 75% or so, that may indicate a problem.

04-02-2013, 07:41 AM
I didn't think that WH used the support system within the cPanel interface. There is one though and it sounds like maybe it has gotten enabled by mistake. Make sure to let support know you are seeing those.

I use FF so had not noticed this myself. Did just try though in I.E. and like you could not get the Support life jacket to work. I had thought it may be the pop up blockers but the others work. Hopefully now that you have pointed it out to them they can get that sorted also. In fact you might even create a separate ticket for it. I've found that often it is best to only have one issue per ticket unless they are related. Maybe a ticket that includes this and the cPanel support issue together would be good.

04-02-2013, 08:02 AM
Thanks for the reply --I will (let support know that I may be seeing inappropriate services). I just found out that I was part of the problem concerning the cpanel Submit a Support Request function. I had not configured my e-mail yet and now that I have I received my side of the form submissions. So at least they were going in and I was copied via e-mail. No replies but like you said, Westhost probably doesn't use that function.

Thanks again for your help and sorry to everyone else for all the confusion.