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03-04-2011, 02:09 PM
After long research and many questions in the The Future of WestHost 3.0 (Site Manager). I decided to sign up for a cloud reseller account with 2 free months because I can keep my current 3.0 reseller account for 2 months while manually moving me and my clients.

I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. I cannot find any help files at WestHost(WH) for WebHostManager(WHM). Not finding anything for WHM in this WH forum. There were vps.net forums that I had bookmarked, that I thought, could help me in setting up my cloud reseller. But now vps.net has removed all of there forums with a whole new web site. It looks like they are taking a whole new route and all forums and help is gone?

I have been reading the WHM documentation for quite a while now, while doing research for the move.

I now have basic recognition of the elements in the documentation that is referred to, and can find the links in WHM that is referenced. I am lost in knowing the specific data to enter for configuration that is specific to WestHost(WH) and my account.

I clicked the skip button through most of the initial setup wizard because it was asking for ip addresses and nameserver stuff. I used a secondary domain name to sign up. I do not want to transfer anything until I know that everything is working properly and I was told I could use my private name servers from 3.0.

I'm pretty sure I will be able to figure out how to add and manage accounts and packages. It is just the server configuration that is overwhelming.

My 3.0 Server Manager and Site Manager help documentation was fabulous. I have searched the WH site and forum for some kind of help with configuration for WHM other then cpanel.net documentation and found nothing.


I finally called Tech Support at WH and asked for help in WHM on basic configuration and was told by Jon Wardle on Friday about 1:30 how great WHM is and I should not change anything. Use all of the defaults because it might break the system.

I finally asked to talk to another tech support person and he came back and told me his manager told him that the only help he could give me was the http address for the WHM wiki on the cpanel.net site. I found that there is no wiki for WHM only the docs that I have been reading all along.

I have been with WH for many years and have always been thrilled with the levels of knowledge and support that the staff have given me. Just like the level that I give to my clients.

For the 1st time have been frustrated by Tech Support and was told they have nothing to offer.

I cannot even figure out how to sftp to get in to look at the back of site for an idea of how it works.

Someone please help this is not ok.


03-04-2011, 02:59 PM

Let's see if I can be of help. :) I agree it would be nice to see some specific documentation on WHM and cPanel for WestHost. The documentation over at cpanel.net is pretty good and I can normally sort out what I need but still a bit lacking I think.

So on to the one problem you mentioned in your post. What is the issue with logging in via SFTP? I use the domain name with the username and password being the same as FTP to do so. Never really had an issue with it. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that you are using your own nameservers. Did you already set up the secondary domain in your nameserver and point it to the correct IP? That secondary domain should be set up in WHM when you log into it I think. Was it?

What other issues are you having?

03-04-2011, 05:39 PM
I finally connected after tying a few different settings and both WHM & CPanel usernames and passwords.
I used a secondary domain (that is still parked on my 3.0 account) for the cloud reseller account and was not sure how main and sub accounts cloud ip work yet.

vps.net has removed all of there forums with a whole new web site. It looks like they are taking a whole new route and all forums and help is gone?

I was asking for help on what needed to be entered in the WHM initial setup wizard after login.
When I skipped items the setup wizard was no longer available. So I didn't know what all I had skipped or what had to be entered before going any further.

WHM Installation docs state the Initial Setup screen: (short version)

Setup Networking
Under the Contact Information heading:
define contact information
Already filled in was root@localhost do I leave that?

Enter one or more cellular phone or pager email addresses to message via email in case a problem arises with this server.
Was blank, but a red warning said "The current value for this field is invalid. You must update it."
Do I have to give a cellular or pager #?

Under the Hostname heading:
Enter your server's hostname into the This Server's Hostname field.
Do I have to do that now? I dont know what domain yet.

Under the Resolvers heading:
You will need to configure these resolvers in order for your server to work correctly. Resolver IP address can be obtained through your Internet service provider (ISP).
I don't know?

Setup IP Addresses
You will need at least 1 IP address to function as the primary IP address of your server.
Is the primary address the one assigned to the main account? The plan allows for 6 is this where I assign them and where do the address's come from?

Can I use my current private name server form 3.0 here at no additional cost?

Services/Quotas/Security questions to come.

Thank You

03-05-2011, 07:21 AM
Yes vps.net forums are down right now. They are re-working them to fit in the layout they are now using. They said they would be back in a week or two.

I don't actually have one of the new cloud accounts they are offering so did not have to go through the setup process you describe but have dealt with it some when I was over at vps.net testing.

The root@localhost can be changed to an email addy you monitor if you want.

I don't remember the pager/cell phone option. I bet you could also simply enter an email address that you monitor.

Just use the secondary domain that you are setting this up under for now for Hostname.

I really think that the above are not the critical at the moment. The one that is going to be important is the Setup IP Addresses. That one is a bit wierd and this is really where WestHost needs some documentation. :)

Your IP's are handled through the cp.westhost.com interface. Should be under the Manage Tab. Sorry my account does not have multiple IP's. I have worked with a client before on this so played with it in his account but I don't have access to it now. In the cp.westhost.com set up you have your IP's listed that are available to you. Those are the IP's that you use in WHM.

Yes your primary is you're main domain and in this case you are using a secondary domain.

I am not sure on the cost thing of your Nameserver but WestHost should be able to answer that.

Actually they should be able to answer any of the individual questions you asked me above. I am going to see if I can get you some official feed back on this here. You said "Services/Quotas/Security questions to come." and that is something they will for sure need to answer for you. I just don't know the individual packages that well. :)

03-05-2011, 11:23 AM
Thank You so much Shawn for responding. I appreciate it. I had to vent in my first post. I am learning as much on my own as I can, I just need a little help. Once it is all set up that should be it. And I'm sure, doing it in here, it will help others.

I think that you are correct that the ip and nameserver and hostname stuff along with mailserver can wait until last because I am only using a temporary domain and that will change when I know everything will transfer correctly after testing.

Right now I am concentrating on Security. That is the most important. The 3.0 environment was very secure. I was very happy there before the change.

We should definitely not accept all of the defaults though.

I found in FTP Server Configuration the following defaults are set to yes. This is asking for trouble.
Allow Anonymous Logins yes
Allow Anonymous Uploads yes

I changed those to no and saved.
ftpserver started ok
So looks OK.

One more question on ftp the default for:
Allow Logins with Root Password yes
Does that mean literally root@domainorip.com. If so, I want only userrname@domainorip.com to be used so should I say no here?

Now that I got into the back end I downloaded 4.0 http.conf and am comparing the settings from the 3.0 httpd.conf to see if that might help me to isolate what I need for security.

I would like to ask before making major changes, but....
Here is what I have changed so far:
Service Configuration/Apache Configuration/Global Configuration

ServerTokens full
Changed to OS

Directory '/' Options
On by default: ExecCGI FollowSymLinks Includes IncludesNOEXEC Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
Off by default: MultiViews

In 3.0:
# First, we configure the "default" to be a very restrictive set of features.
<Directory />
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None

Can I set the 3.0 settings for "/" directory and then open more in DocumentRoot?
Apache Note: "Note that the default Apache access for <Directory /> is Allow from All. This means that Apache will serve any file mapped from an URL. It is recommended that you change this with a block.

In WHM os states: CENTOS 5.5 x86_64 xenpv
But I did not know what all is loaded, like what apache, and modules.
In the back end it looks like EasyApache?. Is this correct? Because WHM docs are different with different builds.

That is probably enough for now. Gets a bit wordy.

Thank You Shawn


03-05-2011, 12:53 PM
I was afraid you where going to go beyond me. :) Like I said I don't have a cloud account so it is hard for me to say for sure on things. Here are a couple things to remember though. Site Manager and cPanel accounts are very different. It is one reason that WestHost was unable to devise a migration do all tool. For one thing cPanel/WHM is actually doing quite a bit for you that we used to have to do manually. I think you should leave the httpd.conf file alone. Is it the only config file you see? I think that with cPanel involved there are other config files that actually come into play that are protecting things. I was just digging around in the file system of one of my accounts and see there are a bunch of config files in use. :) Now granted this is not a cloud account but one of their business accounts but I have to assume that they use a similar set up. I actually can not get to the http.conf file as it is owned by root and permissions do not allow others to view/access it.

You should not have to manually change any files really. WHM should take care of everything for you when you set up a domain. Remember unless you purchased a Cloud Package I am not aware of, they are "fully managed". That means things should be set up for you. It also means that you won't have root access to the account.

Yes Centos 5.5 is what is currently being used and Apache/2.2.17. You can use the following command to get more information on Apache:

/usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -l

I think maybe you are trying to hard. :) Was the secondary domain you wanted to use set up under Account Information > List Accounts? I really did not do much of anything besides create some packages for use, then started adding accounts.

03-05-2011, 02:35 PM
You should not have to manually change any files really. WHM should take care of everything for you when you set up a domain. Remember unless you purchased a Cloud Package I am not aware of, they are "fully managed". That means things should be set up for you. It also means that you won't have root access to the account.

I do have the Reseller Cloud Plus Package. And I do have root access. And if it is fully managed, set up securely, and anonymous ftp is allowed by default, that is not ok.

Was the secondary domain you wanted to use set up under Account Information > List Accounts?
Yes it is in List Accounts

I have not and will not do anything manually. WHM is the only place that I have made any changes.
WHM is saving, updating and rebuilding the httpd.conf file in:
WHM Menu: Service Configuration/Apache Configuration/Global Configuration and
WHM Menu: FTP Server Configuration is saving that wherever that lives.

I am only using 3.0 httpd.conf to view as a reference for Apache directives. These are just Apache Security things that are referenced in all apache platforms.

Also using httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2 as a reference when I say "Apache Note:" httpd.apache.org states that the references are the apache installation defaults and recommends changing for security.

I will post all the changes, so if WH can give some feedback that would be great!

This is all recommended straight from the CPanel/WHM docs: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/WHMDocs/SecureServerChecklists

And most of this has not been done.

Thank you Shawn