View Full Version : was Westhost 3.0 "managed"?

03-22-2010, 03:29 PM

I've been looking into my hosting options now that new Westhost 3.0 accounts are no longer available. I think that I can use Westhost 4.0 for my simpler projects, but for more complex projects I need more control over the installed software (e.g., PHP 5.2 vs. 5.3). I've looked at cloud hosting providers (including VPS.net), which are comparable in cost to Westhost shared accounts, and standard VPS providers, which are comparable in cost to Westhost semi-dedicated accounts. However, none of these are managed. The cheapest managed services I can find that still offer VPS-like access (including VPS.net) cost around $150/month, and that's too big an increase from what I've been paying for WH3.

I'm wondering how important it is to have a managed account. I can compile a Linux app if I spend enough time on it, but there's no way I want to patch a kernel and I'm not a security expert. Basically, I want control over the application development software while letting someone else manage the OS software. Am I correct in assuming that Westhost has been doing this for me on my WH3 accounts? If so, and I migrate from WH3 to an unmanaged account, what kinds of things will I miss out on?


03-23-2010, 06:46 AM

You are correct that WH 3.0 was a managed service. That is one reason you never had true root access. One of the things that kept me from switching to vps.net was the fact that it was not managed and I just was not confident in my abilities to keep everything up to date and secure. They do have now though what is called turnkey images that you can install. These images actually update themselves. I think that can be a viable alternative for people like you and me. Now if you are going to use one of those I would suggest that you plan on having more then just one node. Just like cPanel or other back end management programs they use resources.

I still believe that if you use service like vps.net that is unmanaged that you need to expect to learn a bit more about the system you are running. While a turnkey image may be automated for upgrade and security releases, I don't think just installing them and then forgetting them is a good idea. :) In fact I feel the same even about a regular shared hosting account that may run on something like phpBB or Joomla. I've seen way to many people caught off guard or that have a problem and then you find out they set the site up 6 years ago and never looked at it again.