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11-22-2009, 08:12 AM
I host two domains in Westhost 3.0 currently.

The first is a relatively simple site that provides information about my organization.

The only resource hog is a few large pdfs that are available for download.

We don't bog the site down with email. But we use the dns features available to redirect most of the mail to Google.

The second hosts a php/MySQL application which enables folks to submit information about their company (we're a trade show/symposium) or an abstract of a proposed oral/poster presentation.

Before we were a Westhost customer, we ran the first site on a SHS and self hosted the database apps.

We've been able to run both on a single Westhost 3.0 account. 300 days of the year, our traffic is light. As deadlines approach, traffic increases, but I my belief is that typically we see 10 or less simultaneous accesses on either site. And the deadlines on site 1 are different than site 2.

There was one outage on the hardware that effected us at a busy time. Recovery was a little tricky since the two of us who do work on the site are not "server pros". But for us the loss of part of one day was acceptable.

The only additional application we have running is phpESP which we use for RSVP's and simple surveys.

We tried to run the photo server app without success.

I don't believe that "true root access" is an issue for us as I primarily have used FTP and FileManager to maintain the site.

So, bottom line, should I be concerned that V4.0 may not meet our needs?
Should I be considering vps.net or similar alternatives?

What I do know is that "other" SHS that I've used would fall short.

Dave Russell
eas.org "owner"

11-23-2009, 07:26 AM
I don't think you are going to have any issues with WH 4.0. If your sites run fine on the current 3.0 environment resource wise then it would be fine on 4.0. The service you are getting as far as resources is going to stay the same. If anything 4.0 is going to be better in this regard.

Since you have been managing your site via FTP and are not using SSH to install extra back end libraries your not really going to see any lose in abilities. In fact you are more then likely going to see 4.0 as an improvement and be able to do more then you have in the past via cPanel. In fact depending on what the problem was with running that photo server, you might find you can now get it going. :) Could be it would eat up too many resources but if by change it would not install because of a special php or perl library that was needed, you could possibly get the loaded up now via the cPanel interface.