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11-14-2009, 11:18 AM
Hello, I'm new here but have been IT Pro for many years

I need to replase two old DNS servers in out Web hosting company (old ones are running Windows 2000 on very old and obsolete hardware)

I have choosen Windows 2003 for the job and I have also chosen to make the system Active Directory Based. Then my DNS servers (NS1 and NS2) are Active Directory integrated which helps propagating changes between DNS servers.

Question 1:
Should I worry about having a Active Directory in the DMS where the web hosting is located? The DMZ is behind a very tight configured firewall.

Question 2:
The Danish Internet Authority (DK Hostmaster) specifies that I must allow Zone transfer to their server. They provide me with a FQDN hostname and IPv4 address.

How do I set this in the best way?

My idea is to create a zone (i.e. customers domain we will host) and the on the zone's properties, set the name server on the Name Server tab. I set my own NS1 and NS2 there and add the DK Hostmasters server & IP address. The on the Zone Transfer tab I allow only updates to servers on the Name Server tab.

I might add:
The name servers (NS1 and NS2) are known by the Danish Internet Authority.
And it annoys me I must add this manually for every new zone I create
- would have been wonderful if I could make this a default somewhere in the DNS system so it will be the default for all new servers

Kind regards