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11-10-2009, 08:49 PM
For WestHost users considering VPS.net for VPS offerings, here are some advise from former (will soon be former) VPS.net user.

1 node may not be enough

1 node ($20), consists of 400Mhz CPU and 250MB RAM may not be enough to run your application properly. For example, if you are going to use WordPress Mu or WordPress with medium to high traffic, you'll at least need 2 nodes.

If you use Debian you can use resources minimum, but if you use CentOS with CPanel ($10/month), or others like ISPManager Pro, operating system and control panels take a lot of resource, especially RAM, that even if your application runs properly, you'll get quicker response time when you have 2 nodes. (my wpmu got 2 or 3 times faster when I ran it with 2 nodes.)

You want cloud, but want to pay less

VPS.net 1 node comes with 250GB/month transfer. But if you are just testing out or developing application, and you are not going to spend that bandwidth and start with less budget, then I recommend you to also check out Rackspace Cloud server, with minimum of $10/month plus bandwidth you use.

Support is not as good as WestHost

VPS.net is new, and they probably hired some new staffs, but don't expect their support to be as good as WestHost, which is world's best support teams. Often you'll face support not telling the important things and doesn't check previous ticket histories. And when you happen to face this, shoot a mail to UK2/VPS.net owner Ditlev (ditlev@uk2group.com)

And there's one employee that doesn't speak professionally, but rather answers way too casually, which often makes me feel uncomfortable, which is one of the reasons I'm no longer using VPS.net. Again, if you feel something is wrong, shoot a mail to Ditlev. He's most probably going to solve, but if he isn't, then that means you are not VPS.net type of person.

If you can't live without great support, stick to WestHost, or if WestHost's hardware capability is not enough to your needs (or you don't have enough budget to use expensive high level solutions), you'll need to find other VPS/dedicated companies.

Test VPS.net for a week or a month

Ditlev gives WestHost users considering VPS.net a week to a month trial for free. Ask him if he can open up a test account for you.

11-11-2009, 06:09 AM
You have some very good points. I'll agree with you that vps.net is not for everyone. I myself have decided to stay with WestHost for now. I do think that for the cost of a node it is worth it for a person to give a try and see if it is for them.

While it has been said that 1 node is equivalent to what we have with current accounts it really does not end up being that. Technically it might be but it could be that you have been enjoying the resources of other accounts at times when they are not active here. I think that actually may be one of the drawbacks to our current VPS like environment. Since we had the ability to install just about anything we wanted to without much limit I think that often accounts became resource hogs. Even at vps.net you can use some of the unused resources around you at times but only if they are available. There is not overselling at vps.net so it is a tighter control on things. I know I am not stating this clearly in the correct language but this how I think of it. :)

I don't know that support is "failing" at vps.net but it is different. The product itself is geared towards individuals that have a pretty advanced knowledge of maintaining a system. While I know they have tried to create images that do much of the work for you the bottom line is that you and you only are responsible for your system. We are very spoiled at WestHost I think. The techs here often take the time to guide and teach even when it is not really something they are responsible for. I think there is the same level of dedication to the job for the staff at vps.net but it is a different approach and they language is more advanced.