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10-02-2009, 07:49 PM
I just wanted to get clarification on what I understand is happening here, because if itís what I think, I am very sad and disappointed.

It seems West Host will force us to migrate to this new system, and leave us out in the cold as far as systems management on our VPS, because either we lose the VPS, or go with VPS.NET that doesnít appear to offer managed VPS.

It is tremendously valuable to me that I can hack on apache and sendmail and the virtual users configurations, customize the .conf files, install applications from the Manager and then modify the php files to customize them, but do not have to configure the Linux environment itself or worry about OS-level security. As it is, we are now being forced either to lose the ability to customize, or become a Linux administrator and build and maintain a new server to do what I thought I pre-paid West Host to do for two years.

Is this fair to say? Am I missing something?

Jeffrey Fox

WestHost - CReeves
10-05-2009, 08:30 AM

Yes, the VPS-like technology currently employed by WestHost is at end of life. While this was unexpected or frustrating for some it does bring with it some attractive options. WestHost 4.0 will offer many upgrades to our existing platform that have long been awaited by our clients. For those like yourself that require the need for VPS technology we have partnered with our new sister company VPS.NET. I understand your concern with VPS.NET being unmanaged however, I believe you will find it is much easier to utilize than meets the eye. VPS.NET has worked hard to make this system extremely user friendly and easy to use even for those with less experience. With the WestHost discount on the first node and with the fact that WestHost will credit your new VPS.NET account for any unused portion it is definitely something you should check out. I havenít heard of one WestHost client that has already made the transition that has been unhappy with their decision. In fact, quite the contrary many of these clients are enthused about the added functionality and flexibility offered by the VPS.NET technology. It really canít be beat when it comes to finding a reliable and affordable VPS. These are just a few thoughts for you to consider. If you have any additional questions about this migration feel free to contact us directly.