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WestHost - CReeves
08-28-2009, 01:07 PM
News & Updates

- 2 Months FREE Hosting -

Don't miss out on your opportunity to participate in our WestHost Referral Program. For a limited time you can receive 2 FREE months of hosting! All WestHost clients on any of our standard Web hosting plans are eligible for this offer. Help us spread the word and start earning your FREE months today!

- WestHost Summer Special -

Have you been thinking about signing up for an additional hosting account? We invite you to celebrate summer with us by taking advantage of our Summer Special plans. Act now and you could save up to 25% off your hosting with these low introductory offers! This offer is available with all new activations.

- WestHost 4.0 Update -

We are currently in our third week of alpha testing for WestHost 4.0. After carefully testing WestHost 4.0 over the past two weeks, we have made some minor adjustments to further improve its functionality and design. We will be starting our beta testing in the coming weeks.

Useful Tips

- Creating a backup of your Web site -

Have you have ever wanted to make backups of your Web site but thought it would take too much time or effort? We invite you to visit the WestHost blog to find out more useful tips on how to enhance your Web hosting experience.

- E-mail Marketing Solution -

Do you need a mailing list solution that offers cutting edge technology, advanced reporting delivered with accuracy, and is easy to use? You need MailChimp! We are confident that you will be impressed with the reliability and flexibility that MailChimp has to offer.

Community Involvement

- WestHost Highway Cleanup Project -

We are always looking for ways to give back to our local community and to say thank you for the many years of support we have received. We are proud to participate in many volunteer projects including our most recent highway cleanup project.

Get Connected

- Revolutionize your Web site -

Presentation is everything in today’s competitive online marketplace. Whether you need help with a new Web site design, a re-design of your existing Web site, or the design of your e-commerce store front our Web Design team can help.

•Experienced, professional Web designers
•FREE estimates
•1 on 1 consultation with a designer dedicated to your project.

If you truly want to enhance the look and feel of your Web site then start by requesting a FREE quote from one of our professional Web designers.

Technical Support Stats

Average E-mail Response Time – 26 Minutes
Average Live Chat Hold Time - 13 Seconds
Average Phone Hold Time – 1 Minute 7 Seconds